Full Circle - Ironic, Yes πŸ™ƒ

Well, I'm now on my fourth week of the 5.2..... Having a food disorder, ( bingeing ) I hope it will help, its very early days, too early to comment, I reckon 6 months is the marker point...... But, what has just struck me as hugely ironic is, I'm counting calories again πŸ€” I've been 'dieting' and had problems with food since I was fifteen, I started counting calories as my first foray in to dieting waaaaay back then...... Fast forward many years and here I am again counting calories.... for the record the blurb and popular myth is you don't count calories, but, many people find they have to, for different reasons. It's not a problem, not difficult just struck me that I've come full circle ..... after the Cambridge diet, the Atkins, weight watchers etc etc etc...... good old calories are back on the 'menu' again.......... talk about ironic.....


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9 Replies

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  • Hi Trierisme

    Sometimes back to basis is the best way and when counting calories you will know exactly how much you have eaten.

    Have a good week.


  • Glad you have found a way that suits you 😊

    Good luck Trierisme

  • Hope so Anna !

  • I'm trying not to count too many calories at the minute... as I need to sort my binging habit out first... my meals are usually healthy it is my snacking and desire to stuff my face with sugary rubbish... cake being my favourite... I need to learn my triggers and then occupy myself when these cravings come and bite me on the bum...if they weren't in the house I would go and buy them.. I also weigh myself daily when trying to diet I know we shouldn't but I'm a control freak yet eating is my nemesis... even if I'm absolutely stuffed I could still eat sugary things after.. counting calories is good but it doesn't help with those demons we fight daily.. these demons need a bit more work than merely counting calories.. so for this first month I'm putting calories slightly to the side and hopefully by eating 3 meals and 2 small snacks I have the strength to fight the demons when they surface... do you not binge then on your 5 days?...

  • I find the 5:2 is very good... dont always follow it strictly I confess... but its more ' flexible' than many ' plans' and can be adapted better to YOUR life and style...

  • Oopsididitagain hope your 3 meals a day & 2 snacks are working for you.. Don't forget lots of water as well, also don't be too hard on yourself but you obvs no what your main problem is so by eliminating sweet things for a few weeks will help you to establish a better control. instead of overloading on sweets/cakes .. Sugar is an addiction, I agree cold turkey is the best way to detoxify then introduce as a treat rather than part of your daily food intake. I've had a couple of weeks with no sweets or cakes , lots of satsuma, blueberries & this week I've introduced waitrose dark chocolate with nuts a few squares is all I need as the dark chocolate flavour is very rich . I'm a great believer in a little bit of what you like is good for you but need to cut right back see the weight loss results then slow introduce small tasters of the naughty foods .. They are called treats for a reason , all of us who have had weight issues need to remind ourselves every now & then . Good luck πŸ‘

  • Thank you... I lost the plot a bit over Easter and I had 3 family birthday buffets to made. So I never lost anything but found a lb I'd previously lost. So this week I've been on slimfast as it's probably better I don't put much in my mouth this week. I want to know if I stick to it rigidly if I'd lose weight.. 2 shakes 1 meal and 2 100 cal snacks.. yesterday was day three but about 3.30pm I felt very shaky so I ate 2 bananas and a small slice of pizza that was in the fridge and after a couple of minutes I felt so much better so now I'm wondering if maybe I need to look at controlling my blood sugars or even if I do have type 2 diabetes... the other two days had been fine but I had eaten more fruit which obviously contain sugars. Will try again today but keep some fruit in there I think. But yes I like dark chocote and keep it in the freezer as I too only need a couple of squares. I like the chocolate ginger bars the best. We don't have a Waitrose but Morrisons do a good selection of dark dark chocolate, have a good weekend everyone 😁

  • Good for you for trying something different and not just giving in, I hope it goes well. A lot of us have chopped and changed our ways of eating in the hope of loosing weight I'm sure. I think the thing that has not helped any of us is the 'dieting' when we were in our teens. I look back now and realise I never needed to be so harsh on myself - I was slim - I was only 9 1/2 stone and thought I was fat! Why oh why didn't I just enjoy it then.

  • Me too ...... such a shame ........

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