Many thanks lovely forumers

Thanks so much for all your responses yesterday they meant so much 😊 Unfortunately it seems that my sister does have breast cancer. However it is grade 2 and the consultant said she had an very good prognosis so that is great. I am not going to weigh in this week I can't think about that as well 😏 I hope I will still be able to weigh in on the following Saturday and not lose my place? Again many thanks for your good wishes and I am going to take on all your wonderful advice about comfort eating 😊


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  • Hi nteapea

    Sorry to hear about your sister, I total understand how you feel after dealing with my own sister this last few months. Glad to hear that there is a good prognosis for her. Take good care of yourself and your sister. xx

  • Thanks YellowRose55 it was weirdly good news. We have lost our mum aunt and uncle to cancer over the last few years with unknown primary so our fear was that she had succumbed to the same genetic problem but it looks very much like it is hormonal rather than genetic so actually okay news

  • We are the same lost mum and brother over the last few years to cancer but they caught my sisters early so she was lucky.

    Glad to hear it was hormonal if you know what I mean.

  • I do 😊

  • Bad and good news the prognosis is good for her so I do hope she is ok.

    I don't blame you for not weighing in this week I just do every 2 anyway.

    Hope you have relaxed a little now you know there is a good chance of recovery for her.

  • Definitely πŸ˜€

  • Sorry to hear this, but as the prognosis is positive this has got to be your focus point, hopefully with your support she will receive the best treatment and recover quickly.

    you will certainly not lose your place no one on here would do that to you, I really don't blame you not weighing this week, take time for you and your family, sending hugs and best wishes

    Kat xx

  • Many thanks πŸ™

  • Sending you a hug, nteapea, and I hope your sister is coping ok with the results of the consultation - good to hear her prognosis is good, but I can imagine it must be a lot to take in for both of you, and just wanted to say take care, and wishing you both well.

    Zest :-)

  • Many thanks Zest

  • I haven't been around the forum much this week nteapea and have only just seen this post. I am so pleased that the prognosis for your sister is so good. I wish you both the very best for the journey you are about to go on. Remember to take care of yourself too, easier said than done I know.

  • Thanks lucigret 😊

  • Such a horrid desease 😒 You are in my thoughts ❀

  • Thanks Anna61

  • Thank you so much for the update nteapea I am relieved for you that, whilst the news is not completely good, the prognosis seems so positive, and you appear to be as cheerful as you can be given the stresses you must have had today.

    I don't see anyone holding it against you for not weighing in this week, although I'm sure your "day" would still appreciate you popping in to say "hi".

    Keep looking after yourself, the better to look after your twin sister. πŸ™‚

  • Thanks MissisB

  • Sorry nteapea. Only just picked up on this.

    Sending (((((hugs))))) to you :-)

  • Thanks isou7000

  • So sorry to read about your sister nteapea but the prognosis is good - I don't think oncologists say that unless they're very sure indeed. So you can be looking forward to a very positive outcome for her. ((Hugs))

  • Thank you for sharing your news nteapea, not all good but the prognosis sounds positive. I am sure you will be a tremendous support for your sister.

    The forum will do its best to support you.

    Take care and do shout out when you need support and hugs across the airwaves.

  • I'm so pleased to hear of the good prognosis for your sister. Look after yourself too during this time. Sending big hugs

  • Awww so sorry to hear that, I wish her the best of look! You should HSE this now to be positive for your sister and keep fighting to get your self fit and more importantly healthy good luck love x

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