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Day 2.... not so good

After being good yesterday and doing a 15 min walk on the treadmill and mowing the lawn. Today started of well but after lunch which I had a tray of roasted Mediterranean vegetables and 3 slices of roast beef.. Then I had a 99 cal yogurt... I needed chocolate or biscuits... I think at this time omitting these from my diet would make me fail... I just need to work them Into my calorie allowance. Anyhow I had 3 marshmallows and a packet of skips. I also ate a pain du chocolate in the afternoon which then made me forfeit my tea... Which was going to be chicken stir fry and noodles... Anyhow it's now 9.30pm and im going bed before I succumb to a cream egg which is lurking in my fridge... I forgive myself and tomorrow is another day....one will try to be a bit more controlled in my choices.

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It's still early days and it will get easier, just take baby steps :)


Cream eggs looking at me too. Determined that they will be intact for Easter Sunday. I choose a glass of water. No, really, I do! Calorie free and no guilt. Good luck.


You are early in your journey and as you review each day you'll notice the good things you do and those that could have been done better. The trick is to learn from the positives and the negatives.

Are you ensuring that you drink enough water (or similar), especially each time you get an urge to eat?

Additionally, is it possible for you remove all those temptations and replace them with healthier items?

Good luck with day 3, as you say, its another day!


Have you tried eating real food with the same textures instead of processed junk? For instance, real cream instead of the sugary concoction?

Things like low-fat yoghurt will disrupt your hormones and start you off craving things that you associate with a quick fix to raise your blood sugar. Unless you get your head around the toxicity of foods that cause these highs and lows you really are making life hard for yourself. Aim to enjoy everything you eat, so you won't want 'forbidden treats'.


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