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It was beautiful day yesterday !!

Hi there a beautiful spring day in the Eastern region of Canada yesterday. My dad took me out to lunch beats my cooking. haha. We spent the afternoon together and took him to McDonalds for our coffee and yes I had 2 chocolate chip cookies and enjoyed every crumb. I was thinking today about this phrase that I often read it and did not grasp it entirely until this morning. You need to fake it until you make it. It is going to be hard but anything worthwhile doing is going to hard is it? And doing one day at a time combo. Like last night I went back to reading and felt good and relaxed the brain and made enjoyable evening and instead of going over all that day of what I ate and what I should eat tomorrow my brain would never stop. Know wonder I was mentally tired all the time. And I have the 70's music on right now and moving to the music, singing and I feel great. I am beginning also learning small goals are attainable and give you the positivity you need to grow to larger aim of a better life.. I am in my 50's and I want to change so I do not spend another 50 years like my first 50. I did finish the binge brochure and enjoyed it was simple reading and basic to understand. Also got back to doing my10 minute meditation at bed time and in the morning ready for the day.

On Fridays this past while I have been taking Cognitive Behavioral Course. Which is going to help me getting out and work on my confidence. It is weird that I can go do things on my own and then I can't adventure out and enjoy an outing. She said we will take our time with baby steps. Maybe this course is helping with the goals in changing into a healthy lifestyle and mainly to believe myself and that is all that matters.

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I'm glad you had a good day out yesterday Wadestreet, its nice enjoying times like that with family.

Your positiveness shines through your whole post and to me it sounds like you are making lots of good steps.

Wishing you all the best!


You sound really positive Wadestreet. What are you reading? A good book can keep your mind occupied for weeks. Good luck taking those baby steps :)

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A good day.. A good evening.. A good book and 70's music too...

Sounds like your CBT is helping you make choices that suit you.. Well done, glad you enjoyed your cookies too!!

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