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Pineapple274 stone


Thought some of you might be interested to read an article about the various weight loss apps that are available out there!

My daughter has just started to use "Lose it!" and that seems quite good!

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Thanks for sharing Pineapple :)

Hi. Thanks for posting this. I use mydietcoach which is free. I think I paid a £2.99 upgrade but can't remember why. It has really great tips in it

I use my fitness pal along side withings app .I used them in 2015 and lost a steady health stone Have put it all back on again by reverting to comfort eating due to health issues I am worried about. Good post ☺

I tend to just use MFP for tracking my food intake, but I use Fitocracy for inputting my workouts - it gives you points for everything, and levels you up like an MMO does, so you can sort of compete with yourself, which is a nice push. It's a nice supportive community too, I've met some lovely people on there :)

Pineapple274 stone
in reply to CaptainRainbow

Can I just ask what MMO stands for???

CaptainRainbow10 kg
in reply to Pineapple27

Massively Multiplayer Online game, like World of Warcraft... Sorry, I forget not everyone is a massive nerd!


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