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Signed up for my first class!

Considering I've had my gym membership nearly a year, it's shocking I haven't tried signing up to a class yet!

I've signed up to do a deep water aqua aerobics class on Sunday evening - I did a few of these years ago when my friend worked there and got me in for free (cheeky cheeky..) and they're a lot of fun and very hard work :)

Figured if I signed up to a class, I'd be obligated to do a workout instead of making my excuses, especially at the weekend. Wish me luck!

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I don't think that you're any different to a lot of gym membership holders, CaptainRainbow, I think it's fairly common! :)

Well done for signing up to the deep water aqua aerobics, I hope you have lots of fun! :)


What stops you drowning? Do you have to wear a scuba suit? It sounds fun!


They give you like a floatation belt? Which obviously keeps you above the water, but you still need to constantly put in the effort to be upright (or whatever direction you're suppose to be in!). I think sometimes you also get like, floaty dumbbells which I can't remember what we did with them, but I remember them being insanely hard work! :)

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