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I don't feel as though I've lost any weight this week, despite keeping up my exercise levels, and I've only fallen off the wagon once this week! (In terms of calorie intake) Tomorrow will tell....

I'm looking for ways of exercising that won't cost me any money! I'd love to join a gym but being a senior with not a huge pension that's not really an option for me. I've got a bicycle but nowadays I'm not too keen on using it as the traffic frightens the life out of me. Up until now (I'm approaching week 8 on the Weight loss plan) I have relied on brisk walking, with the dog, to burn off the calories, and a fitness DVD I use at home. It's all getting a bit boring and samey. I've noticed there's a Zumba class in my village, never done it before, anyone know what it's like, and does Zumba help burn off many calories? Any comments/suggestions welcome. I will, of course, continue walking the dog!


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12 Replies

  • Hi bb,

    Don't start worrying too soon, I'm sure everything will be fine, especially as it sounds as if you've had a good week, with just one slight stumble :)

    I have a Zumba DVD, which is great fun and doing it at home, means I don't end up tripping others up, as I'm afraid I'm rhythmically challenged! ;)

    I have a stand for my bike, which means I can use it like an exercise bike and don't have to face traffic, or tumbles! :)

    I also have some wrist weights, a kettle bell, exercise bands, hula hoop, skipping rope, dance videos, all of which aren't expensive to acquire and keep me occupied for hours!! :)

    I hope this has given you some ideas to beat monotony and boredom :)

    Have fun! :)

  • Thanks moreless, that's given me a few ideas! Particularly the bike stand - brilliant idea! Do you use it indoors? I will have to investigate getting one. Another reason I don't go out on my bike is that I bought a tralier for it so that I could take the dog with me, but she doesn't like it, and despite being clipped in with a harness I'm still frightened she'll manage to wriggle out of it and jump out of the trailer.

    A hula hoop! Yay! Used to love those when I was a kid - 60 years ago! Ok, onwards and downwards....

  • I do use my bike indoors, for an hour a day, in front of the telly! :D

    I had intended getting a trailer for my dog too, but have found that my balance isn't what it used to be and it makes me a very nervous cyclist!

    Good luck with everything! :)

  • Thanks moreless, yes, I get very wobbly on my bike too. That's why i'm scared to go out on the busy roads; what if I fell off into the lane of traffic??? Doesn't bear thinking about.

  • I did fall off mine on the main road and have hardly used it outside since!

  • Crikey! Did you hurt yourself badly? That's enough to put anyone off cycling on the roads for good.

  • Bumps and bruises, that's all, but it was enough to give me a scare!

  • battlethebulge have you thought about giving the C25K a go? It costs nothing (although you'll need a pair of running shoes) and you can do it anywhere :)

  • Hi Mochta, that sounds like running/jogging.... I have had two knee replacements and in the after-care session I was advised to choose exercise that wouldn't stress my new knee joints, so unfortunately jogging is a no-no for me. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

  • Hello battlethe bulge if you google Leslie Sansone walking workouts i am sure you will find one that is achievable for yourself i have a herniated disc and just completed a 45 min working workout aslo she introduces some arm workout with it.

  • Hi Battle, go girl (as they say)go look see at next Zumba class,we have nice'easy gold Zumba,I found i did my home routine 45mins,stretch exercises a lot better ,my performance improved,it's about 5 pound. I try to have time,before getting on bus,I walk as many stops,depending how enthusiastic I am,then make sure I don't have to wait long for bus,I used to get bored walking locally, I walk not exactly zigzag along (gentle 'S' or sloping,don't want to look drunk,I find I move a bit quicker)☕😊

  • Hi again,it's amazing how you can exercise sitting on a chair,we have classes,lasting 1 hour,great instructor,bit like Green Godess, Morag,60s music routine,it's great being with others,fun😊🍓

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