Another first in a long while

Checking in for accountability. I'm safe and sound in bed with my laptop on my legs. I've done it... finished my first week with a weight loss. I also managed to stick to the plan over the weekend, that was a first in a long while and instead of celebrating my loss with unplanned food, I stuck to the plan which I haven't done in a long while either. I'm pretty pleased with myself and feel a bit more in control now. Thank you HU and all of you. I really needed that.

Onwards now, my goal for this week is to loose another pound and carry on with my yoga and walking. Practice patience... we'll get there.


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8 Replies

  • Fantastic Elke, you're off to a great start! :)

    If you can do it for a week, you can do it for two weeks. Baby steps lead to giant strides. You can do this! :)

  • Thank you moreless. This group helps me feeling content and it feels GREAT

  • Hi Elke516 Well done you, I am sure the scales will reward you for a full week on the plan, if not - do consider keeping a record of your inches, I choose to check 6 measurements..

    My 6 are: Bust, Under bust (where the bra strap is), waist, hips, upper thigh and upper arm.

    It's lovely seeing the inches descend and keeping a record.. Even if the scales stay the same. My sister gave me an unwanted 2017 diary (week to view) and I keep a list of what I eat & drink each day and in the extra bit I keep my start weight and 6 measurements, last weeks and this week's... This way I can see how far I've come.

    Wishing you continued success.. Gonna be cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

  • Thank you Minniewinny, I'll get the tape measure out :-) great idea! Best of luck to you too.

  • Well done Elke516 😊 The first week is the toughest, I'm so happy you are feeling confident and in control 😊 Go you!

  • Thank you Anna, that's very kind of you.

  • Well done Elke516 ! You've made a great start :) Great job for not treating yourself with food, that's what got many of us into this pickle in the first place...xx

  • Thank you ANewMe, you're so right saying that. There is still my inner voice trying to tell me that it is ok to binge. Oh I'm giving it a kick in the backside :)

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