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Feeling confused

Am on week 5 of the NHS health plan. And week four of couch to 5k. I'm just not shifting weight. I eat at 1400 cals a day... I do the Cto5K three times weekly and I've put weight on! I just feel at an utter loss.

I am expecting AF any day now so I know I could gain a pound or two but still... I don't drink alcohol or sugary drinks, I get roughly the recommended 150

Active minutes each week. gosh does anyone have any words of wisdom?

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Hi Ditchingthebiscuits,

Everyone is different and we lose weight in different ways, well done for sticking with the plan and C25K.

Have you lost any weight? Maybe check your measurements, waist, arms etc, as there could be a change there, even if the scales don't shift :)

Rob :P


Is 1400 calories the right number for you, Ditchingthebiscuits? Have you put your details into the NHS BMI calculator, for a personal calorie allowance? Eating too little, is just as harmful to weight loss as eating too much is.

You could also look at what you're eating, as well as how much your eating. It may be that you're eating simple carbs, or just too many carbs. Are you eating too much sugar, or sugar substitute in your food? Are you getting enough natural fats?

Without having some idea of what it is that you're eating on a daily basis, it's difficult for us to help you. Maybe you could write out a day's eating plan, to give us an idea? :)

Don't worry, it will all be sorted :)

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That sounds really frustrating.

How did you choose 1400 cals? You can put your stats into the BMI calculator (there's a link on the NHS 12-week plan), and it will give you a range of calories to eat between. If you eat at the lower end of the scale you should lose 1-2 lbs a week.

1400cals might be too low for you - if your body thinks its starving you will impact your metabolism and you wont lose.

The other thought I had is that muscle is heavier than fat - maybe you are toning up rather than losing weight at the moment - have you done your measurements? Or are your clothes looser?

Don't give up though! You sound wonderfully motivated and I'm sure its just a case of tweaking things till you find what works for you!

Best of luck this week.

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Hi Ditchingthebiscuits don't worry I've been there! Perhaps ditching sugar altogether might help. I was just ranting about the same thing, and I have tried it before, so I know it works for me. That means no refined carbs either.

Also, are you getting enough water? Water intake plays a big role in weight loss, as water retention will keep the weight on.

Good luck!

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Actually a lot of what you wonderful people have said makes sense. My BMI info off the NHS websites suggests 1476 is my lower range and I have been using my Fitbit to track my calories and had put 1400 in.

Also, I am very naughty at drinking water! And don't drink as much as I know I should. But hadn't really thought that this plays a part. ( of course though I feel silly now !)

I agree about ditching the sugar completely including refined carbs. I have done it before and it did wonders. But I found it so hard to live by that long term... the only really carby thing I have is weetabix some mornings and tortilla wraps for lunch occasionally. I don't eat bread. I do sometimes enjoy brown rice or pasta.

Thanks for replying as I can see now that with one or two tweaks it may make the difference I need xx


I don't drink enough either, It's hard work! Wishing you a better week ahead.

Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉


Thanks Minniewinny x


Have you managed to drink more today?


Probably not as much as I should have still but I've made a concentrated effort today xx

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Well done for the awareness.. I say with 1/2 pint glass in my hand... which was poured out over an hour ago!! Working on it!!


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