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Unable to reply to thread

Morning all, I am trying to reply to some of you in the Monday weigh in thread and the April re-boot challenge but the reply function is not available, I have signed out and in but not made any difference. I will try again later, thanks for your advice, tips and also for that unusal badge! Not seen one like this before 😄.

Have a lovely day!

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You won't be able to reply to the Monday weigh-in, Salud-forgood, because the reply function has been switched off, to stop people posting on the wrong thread.

You shouldn't, however, have any problems with the re-boot challenge, so if you continue to have problems, please report the fault to HU.

We rarely award the percentage badges, because most people don't mention them as goals, but when you mentioned that it had been one of yours, the badge seemed very appropriate. I hope you'll enjoy wearing it :)

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