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Monday - First of new change

I am still feeling mentally drained but took a break and went for a 20 minute walk. And had and a apple for mid morning snack. I also started drinking my 4 litres of water again. Monday's and Thursday's I volunteer as you know at the food bank. I am going to have to push myself today. It's hard manual labour which I thrive on. I will post you again. The next few days are going to be simple changes such as taking one day a time and all changes go for better health towards a better lifestyle. All changes are good changes. My stomach is bloated is that due to a lot of sugar intake.

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I'm glad you are feeling a bit brighter Wadestreet 😊 Well don on turning things around, you are doing well 😊 Enjoy your stint at the food bank, it sounds very rewarding,


Well done getting on track . I bet you are really busy in the food bank . I think one day at a time is a great mantra


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