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Half a stone gone :)

I invested in a new scale so had to start again with the reading it gave me. Unfortunately it had me weighing more than my old scale so was in 2 minds whether to send it back or not.

I am now 4 weeks into this journey so the weight is the total weight loss in those 4 weeks.

Anyway I started again and weighed myself on the new scales that I bought.

starting weight was 95.4kg (15 st)

Today I am 92.4kg (14st 5lb)

So a loss of 3 kg almost half a stone.

Finished also week 3 of the running program (after taking a week out for illness) Wednesday is first run of week 4 eeeek

We can do this :)

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Just great news, so pleased for you. After being so low when you were poorly. Sounds like your back on track ❤


Whatever the numbers, you are a winner Janpes 😊 But well done on your 7lbs 😊


Hi Janpes

Half a stone is brillant!!!!!

I didn't lose anything again last week so was miffed off again - although the scales i use only weigh in whole pounds. However my bmi reading had gone down so i guess i must have lost something lol. Haven't done hardly any exercise as i was diagnosed with fibromialgia the other week and was prodded and poked for a good 40 minutes that i could hardly even walk the day after and ached terribly the day after that. I've still been walking to work and back so i suppose its better than nothing. Ive now got a shocking cold which is magically making me crave sweet things (i'm looking at you tiramisu!) and ill admit ive given in to it a few times. However, i somehow managed a 2lb loss so was over the moon. Never the less i have to go to the physio tomorrow to be prodded some more. No rest for the wicked!!

7lb loss (week 4) - 93 to go!


Congratulations, every loss is great and should be celebrated with a non food reward. Toss the tiramisu and try a short walk or buy yourself a smaller piece of clothing. If you want a food reward have a lovely bowl of fruit 😀 or a yummy yoghurt 😀😀

I know the feeling though as when we are sick we crave sweet things. My old work mate said that it is not our bodies craving the sweet it is the infection. So by denying your body the sweet stuff you are more than likely to get better quicker. After she told me that I tended to stay away when sick from sweet things and it kinda worked.

Also when we are sick we kinda feel like we have a right to comfort eat. That is the most difficult time for us as we can easily slip back into old habits. I was sick a week or so back and even though I didn't exercise all week I tried to stick to the diet. I am no angel and my curse that I bare seems to be firepit Fridays😂😂😂 no matter how I plan or prepare for the evening I always succumb to a sausage and beer ( usually more than 1 of each). I tend to take it in my stride and get up the following day to continue this journey.

I was tested a few years ago for Fibromyalgia, never really got a conclusive answer so have just carried on as usual. I do know what it feels like to have an invisible illness though and wish you luck on finding the right exercise that no only brings results but is also forgiving on the joints, how about swimming? It is good for the pains and is quite effective. Over here we have a sport called water running where you have a float around your waist and you run in the deep end. The float keeps you up so you don't sink. It is really effective and good on the joints. Google it and see if it will suit you.

Anyway time for me to hit the sack, 2 hours ahead here. My legs are tired from the bike ride earlier so might take me a while to get upstairs 😆😆

Good luck again and keep in touch with your progress



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