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Bloated after secret binge

Morning all. Am feeling very bloated, had a boring evening last night as husband gone off away to work again for the week. Daughters were upstairs doing their own thing, so I had a bit of a secret binge. Stupid, as it's only me I'm letting down. We've had several weeks of stress waiting for a travel visa for my husband, but it's finally come through so we're deffo now off on holiday to Canada at the end of July. I'm panicking that I only have 16 weeks to lose some weight, so it's even more stupid that I binged. Am wondering if all the stress and panic will hamper my weight loss too, even without the breadfest last night. It certainly seems to stop me being 'regular' (sorry!) .

Am doing Slimming World, but not really following the diet as it costs too much to buy all the fruit and veg, so using my fitness pal instead. I need to be weighed each week though or I'll start making excuses. By this point in a diet I've always given up. I've lost 1 stone 3, but really really need to lose more as otherwise I'm going to be a sweaty Betty on holiday. Any ideas to get myself going, I need a kick up the backside please.

Sorry for the Monday morning miseries....the weather should be lovely, so I will at least be mowing the lawn today!

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Everyone has these blips SarahLDgetthin but the important thing is to pick yourself up, draw a line under it and move forward. 😊

You have identified the reason (boredom and stress) so you can now work on these areas to avoid another binge. I'm guilty of eating through boredom so have to find p,entry of things to occupy me 😊

I'm surprised to harm you say you are finding eating extra fruit and veg expensive, I find that I eat so much less it balances out. Plus you won't have to pay a slimming club membership 😊

Why don't you join me on the April Re-boot if you feel it would help 😊

Best wishes



Thank you IndigoBlue61


Hey! Don't be down hearted! And definately don't beat yourself up - it won't help anything.

If you have an Aldi's near you they are great for cheap, fresh veg in my experience out of all the supermarkets - I feed a family of 4 (with 2 hungry teenage boys) for a fraction of what other people spend on packet and processed foods by buying mainly veg and getting creative (they love it as they have discovered loads of home made delicious meals from simple whole foods).

Fresh, whole foods will nourish your body and help to balance your hormones etc better than any processed foods - so you feel less hungry and healthier. That is what I have found anyway.

Best of luck!

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Hi, thanks for your reply, I do cook from scratch a lot, both girls are veggie so I tend to be the same, just so that I only cook one meal. I think I probably need to up my protein to feel fuller. There is an Aldi near the college one DD goes to, about 15 miles away, I sometimes take her on a Thursday, so I'll pop in and have a look, thank you!


Oh your not on your own hun , trust me the amount of days I have told myself no more chocolate binges of an evening,,, and still I crave in to it. I so far tonight have had one small tiny gluten free packet of choc buttons instead of the 200g bar 😯. I know it's going to be tough going but I have to do it for health reasons .my stomach looks like I'm preggers yet I am only 5ft 4 and weigh 8st 7.but I am not happy. I really need to get down to 8 stone again as non of my summer clothes fit me...you now know what your trigger point is .when you feel that way again, do something to distract. I find drinking a hot chocolate and a gluten free buiscuit has helped me this evening .dont be down about it , tomorrow just start again .oh and how fab! Canada. Lucky you 😉.

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Thank you. I do think there's a lot of chemicals in wheat these days, when I was younger it never made me feel like this. Yes, I need to plan for the evenings, I can be so good all day, and then I become a human hoover!

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Your very welcome. It is a known fact that wheat holds fluid so then we become bloated so now tend to have gluten free . Oh that's me all over lol .day time no problem but night time the pig appears lol 😂.you can do this. It's all about breaking the habit I think more so than the actual craving x


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