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Chinese takeaway hurdle

We had our first takeaway Chinese last Friday evening.

Normally we would buy up most of the Chinese food currently available in the south east. This time I limited myself to one dish of chicken chow mein and a spring roll. The only thing odd, was not having a definitive number to write down for my calories spreadsheet. I had to guesstimate the calories from the various websites' guesstimates. I don't think I was too far out.

Lots of good points to note:-

. it only cost me a fraction of what it would normally

. I actually tasted it, instead of it being a single flavour of everything mixed together

. as I don't drink now I was able to go and pick it up (£5.80 delivery saving (we live in the middle of nowhere))

. not eating calories-worth of Chinese food days later because we bought so much

. and of course, I didn't over indulge on the day

One more hurdle, hurdled. Bounce!

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Glad you enjoyed your takeaway, I to have forsaken alcohol for lent and not missed it much, occasionally I have thought I need a glass of something but gone for fizzy water with a drop of lime or elderflower and lots of ice, its been so refreshing. Think I may stay tee total even.

We don't do takeaways that often but when we do now I usually have the dish Chicken with spring onions and ginger with plain boiled rice, I guess most chinese dishes have a bit of sugar and MSG so we're told but I feel this is a good choice for a very occasional treat.

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I like you drink choices. I've been drinking pints of diet tonic with angostura bitters but I can see how your choices might be just as good. I hadn't thought of fizzy water. This morning is the beginning of my 8th week without alcohol, before xmas I couldn't go a day. I don't want to say I'm not missing it in case I am and I'm deluding myself.

I was going to do my own boiled rice to go with the chinese but because I was a bit concerned about going OTT on the calorie front I skipped it. Chicken with ginger and spring onion would possibly be my next choice, yum!

On the msg side of things, when I read up on it a while back, I couldn't actually find anything definitive to say that its bad for you (maybe someone here can tell me differently).

I tried it in my KFC spice mix that I make but can't say as I noticed it making any difference to when I don't use it, so I won't actually cook with it now.

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Great strategy! You were right to give the rice a miss - you might as well shove sugar into your face. Except that sugar would make you feel sick and rice doesn't. On the drinks front, for drinks in pubs, I go for Britvic fruit juice in a pint glass topped up with soda. At home my favourite tipple is coconut water but mostly herbal tea. Luckily I'm someone's mum and no longer have any hope of looking anything but uncool. Under. Any. Circumstances.

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