I want to thank everybody for your help and concern and continue to help me thank-you. You are the best people ever.!!! Where were you when I started putting on weigh 30 years ago. I am starting to feel better the sugar in me leaving my system. Got some apples tonight to have twice a day afternoon and morning. With my sugar overages I am not tired until the next day and I am in bed for the next couple of days. It drains the life right out of me and where I had a fair amount of sugar in me the last 3 to 4 weeks it was not a good thing. And I vented which I am sorry. I will let you know how I am doing and thanks.


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6 Replies

  • I am really glad that you are in a better place now Wadestreet.

    Please don't apologise. You were feeling overwhelmed and you reached out for help. We are all here for each other and because we're not alone here, it makes us so much stronger.

    Keep communicating.

  • Well done you. Cutting out sugar is very hard - hats off to you! I'm sure you'll benefit, keep going!

  • We were probably with you Wadestreet, putting the weight on!! See, we are still with you know, wondering where this forum was then. I'm glad things are turning them selves around, enjoy the apples🍎🍏😀

  • Glad your feeling brighter 😀

    Keep on that track xx

  • Goodness, giving up sugar is really hard, so well done to you. I love this place, too.

  • )Good on you Wadestreet, you have the knowledge,( I know what you mean about 30 years)you really can do this, keep it simple, and I hope you start feeling well In yourself over the coming weeks, Kalma to you, onwards and downwards, one step at a time, gradually change, which is long lasting :)

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