im doing 5k - race for life

ive signed up to run 5k for cancer research in June with my daughter.

A couple of months ago i put a list of things i wanted to do this year when i'd lost weight... one of them was to 'RUN'.. so to give me motivation and raise money for such a good cause i decided to run this race for charity.

i do intend to run it and training will start this month so that im ready by June.

Wish me luck x


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  • Good luck fitness queen. No walking for you. It's 3 miles so aim for a quick target - 4mins per mile? Lol, maybe not . Sure you will be fabulous and it gives you a date to aim for. How much can you now? I can run up the stairs now which is an achievement xx 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

  • What else is on your list? I am going on a big zip wire thing in Wales that I was too heavy for last year.

  • Ah yes I remember it. I commented at the time about it being a fine list!! X

  • Good luck with the Race For Life! I do it every year with school, but for me it's more of a saunter and a jog whenever it's a downhill bit!!

    I really want to go stand up paddle boarding at the moment but the board have a 19st weight limit, so have 10lbs to lose before I can go. That's my first mini goal/treat.

    Love your list - I need to sit down and make one - it looks like a great motivator!

  • the list is a good thing to do... im definately a lot more fitter now than ive ever been and here i am thinking about running 5k.. thats something i never thought i would ever say !

  • That will be awesome EllaMidlands!

  • ive only just started running on the treadmill.. so got 3mths to get running more x

  • You're doing so much exercise at the moment that you will absolutely smash 5k!

  • thanks.. i ust want to get started but need to rest till wednesday to give me shoulder time to heal first x

  • Hi Claz

    The very best of luck with your run in June your doing it for a great cause. I did walk all over cancer last year in September and it was one of the best motivators I had for keeping me on track with walking 10000 steps a day.


  • well done you.. i just wanted to do something for me to aim for and also raise money so this seemed the perfect solution.

  • Good luck claz.

  • Go for it Claz! There is a C25K group here on Health Unlocked and they were very encouraging when I started. Plus, also look out for our Tortoise and Hare threads here (usually every Sunday, but sometimes on Monday) and that is where a lot of us boast about our running exploits, or commiserate if things haven't gone too well.

    Take it steady, work your way through the programme at your own speed (it took me longer than most) and you will be running well by June.

    Oh, and be prepared, I find the event quite an emotional thing, lots of people who have lost loved ones to cancer and even some people undergoing treatment do the race, I find myself tearing up. But it is empowering - for all - and a lovely atmosphere, you will have a wonderful time, I am sure!

  • thankyou for the great advice.. i wil check that group to get more tips. im actually looking forward to it and achieving being able to run 5k.. it will be the 1st time ive ever attempted anything like this and im hoping by The end of June i will be another 1st lighter.

  • You will do it, I know!

    I found running a real help to get the weight off - and I totally love it now :)

    I will enjoy watching your journey and seeing your post when you complete that Race for Life course!

  • thankyou... will update here.. ive downloaded the nhs couch to 5k app which says 9weeks to train... so that just about right for me to have enough time.

  • C25K is brill!! Started beginning of Jan, graduated middle of March and went from barely being able to run for 60 seconds, to being able to run for 30 mins. Have now done a couple of Parkruns and I'm loving being able to run. Plus, have lost nearly 1.5 stoes to date! Go for it, you'll not regret it...xx

  • thankyou.. thats good to hear that you did it.. i do a lot more exercise than ive ever done now so just feels right to step it up a bit and try running x

  • Really looking forward to hearing how you're getting on with it...xx

  • i will x

  • Well done for signing up for Race for Life, I have done quite a few of them over the years as my mum died of cancer and I also love women only charity events - there is something quite special about the atmosphere, so supportive, a bit like this forum (although obviously that's not only women!). I agree with LesstoLose about the emotion - I always cry during the warm up but in a good way - and it's fine once I get going.

    Just checked out your list - brilliant, no wonder you are so determined. Good luck with the training.

    Which Race are you doing?

    Walnut Tree

  • thankyou. im doing this for everyone who has/is affected by cancer.. and to make me healthier x

  • Good luck!! I raise money for cancer every year through the Peter Andre cancer fund and cancer research UK. I have always wanted to do the run but I can't due to health. You will do fab!! I lost my dad to cancer 4 yrs ago .. 🤐

  • im doing this for everyone x

  • I have also signed up 5km race for life I have been doing park runs for last 3 weeks jog/walk as long as I get round without stopping thats good enough for me. Let me know how your training is going & are you following race for life training plan.

  • good on you for signing up too.. ive downloaded to nhs couch to 5k app on my phone. it says 9weeks to do it and that roughly enough time. i have been running in the treadmill for the past couple of weeks but not in training for this just for hit.

  • Claz wish you good luck you will do it great cause to do it for also.

  • thankyou x

  • That's a great thing to do. Well done

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