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Saturday night treat

On a Saturday night I have a bar of chocolate. I usually buy a bar of green and blacks Maya gold and eat the whole lot, greedy I know. Yesterday I decided to just have a standard chocolate so went for my second favourite, a bounty. Last night (after said bar;-)) I googled calories in chocolate bars. You guessed it, a bounty was the most calorific and loaded with fat. Minstrels, maltesers, milky bar, milky way, smarties were all good options....Milky way the least calories. Thought I'd share because if any of you are like me, when I try to lose weight, chocolate is on the no-no list but in reality I am going to eat it so I thought I'd find some alternatives that wouldn't blow the calorie budget. Happy Sunday. Justine

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Thanks for that.I cannot cut the chocolate out completely but to have a choice in the slightly lower calorie category is good. I do still keep within my allowance so it works for me and I do look forward to the weekend !

Good luck!


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