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I work in an office full time so the majority of my life I spend sat on my fat bum!! I want to get more active and to be honest I hate excercise but I know it's going to help with weight loss so I'm wanting to fit it into my schedule. Trouble is I know nothing of excercise and you I read all this conflicting information so now I'm just confused πŸ™„ Any ideas πŸ’‘ on some good fun excercise to start me off so I can get my body into the swing of being active? Preferably not something were I have to join a gym or buy loads of expensive equipment. Thanks 😊


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  • Hi hdarcy

    Why not start off with going for a 30 minute walk every day just to get into a routine. Join in with the "Awesome April Exercise Challenge" to see what kind of exercise you like. Have a look on youtube there are lots of exercise short programmes on there.


  • That is good advice yellow rose 55

  • You really don't need to be spending great amounts of money to exercise, a lunch time walk, a free work out in your home (u tube or a cheap DVD) bean tins for weights.

    Invest in a bicycle (very cheap second hand) cycle to work.

    You could progress from walking to a jog to a run. And maybe treat yourself to some weights as an achievement goal.

    I'm sure you'll get lots more ideas on nhs.uk/fitness

    Good luck

    Kat xx

  • Hi,

    I find exercise a real chore.

    As I have quite a lot of weight to lose I find the gym hurts my joints too much so I choose to go swimming instead. We have a sports centre about 8 miles away and I swim on Monday and Thursday evenings.

    It really helps me to stay on track and as long as my meals for those nights are well planned then there is usually something to eat straight away when I come in the door.

    I will cook some chicken on the previous night and just add it to a bag of ceasar salad as soon as I step in the door, as I hate to be hungry.

    Hope this helps

    Good luck πŸŠπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  • Great planning there

  • Thanks for all the great advice there is some awesome ideas I like the idea of starting off walking and building myself up to a jog πŸ‘πŸ» I'm pretty unfit so this would suit me thanks πŸ™ I used to love swimming too so I'll look into this with my local pool.

  • hdarcy check out local hotels with pools as in my area it's actually working out cheaper for me. By joining their gym I can use the pool for free, it's also a lot less busy and manly used by adults xx

  • Thats a great idea I never would of thought that thank-you :) x

  • If you like music you could play your favourite tracks at home and dance to them. Quick, easy, free, private and no special clothing required.

    You could mark your progress by dancing to a larger number of tracks each day and later doing this twice a day. When you're feeling quite fit you could introduce kicks, jumps and jogging on the spot.

    And if you live with others just use an earpiece so the music doesn't disturb them.

  • β™₯ love this idea :)

  • Thanks you so much.

    If something's fun, we're more likely to continue doing it.

  • I used to use a break in the morning and afternoon along with some of a lunch break to go for a speed walk. Just 5 minutes each time gets you halfway to your 30 minutes a day goal.

    Run up and down the stairs at work a couple times throughout the day. I used to set an hour timer on my iphone to prompt me to get up and move.

    Park your car a few blocks from home/train station and walk the remainder.

    Every step counts and you will be surprised how much you can incorporate if you focus on it :)

  • If you would like to become a runner, I would recommend the NHS Couch to 5 k programme. I started it a year ago and it has been such an amazing journey. I started out a real couch potato too, but the programme is designed to cater for that, so I gradually got fitter and decided to lose some weight, because my weight was slowing me down. Running 5k three times a week won't in itself make you lose weight but it will help! I lost 14 kg and it made me a much faster and stronger runner. Now I run around 25 km pr week and it really helps me maintain my new body size πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

    There is a forum here on Healthunlocked too.

  • That sounds great thanks I'll look into that 😊

  • Hi hdarcy

    My low expense exercise suggestion is 'good old fashion walking🚢.' If you drive a car to work then park it a road (or few) away from your office. The same if you catch a bus, get off a few stops away from your work place and walk the rest of your destination. Taking the opportunity to walk up flights of stairs along with the regular walking will help tone your butt and flatten your tummy😊. My other suggestion is, take to work your own healthy lunch and snacksπŸ₯—πŸ₯œ.

    I forgot to mention you'll have to estimate extra time in the mornings for your walk. However, if you keep up 'the plan' you will need less time to cover distances because you will gradually get fitter and slimmerπŸ™ƒ!

    The only expense is a good pair of walking shoes or trainers. You can change into your Work Shoes πŸ‘  when you arrive at your office.

    Best of luckπŸ™‚.

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