Well I've had a bad month. I fell of the wagon and ran myself over with it in the process. Just can't get motivated! New month and a clean slate! I braved the scales this morning and I'm really lucky to have only put on a pound. Just feel annoyed with myself that I've wasted a month. Trying not to beat myself up about it as I know once I start doing that it's all over! I've recorded everything I've eaten today and stuck with-in my calorie allowance so it's a good start. I'm in two minds if I should set myself a target or not or just take the pressure off and just be happy with any loss this month. I've not been on here for ages either so it just goes to prove this forum is a powerful tool! Got to get my positivity back, I think it dropped off the back of the wagon too!


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9 Replies

  • Hey marydot, I don't know how long your month was but to only put on a pound during it, is as close to a 'maintain' as you'll ever get. I hope you haven't been too down on yourself during that period because you've done fine.

    Really good to hear you've got your motivation back and you'll have knocked off that teeny pound in no time. In terms of a target, nothing wrong with a small target but probably not to set a date.

    Go go go!!

  • Thank you. I know a pound is nothing. Considering what I ate I was really lucky! Not sad to see the back of March! :0)

  • Hi good to see your back, I'd draw a line and start afresh this month, if you decide to set a target make it a small achievable one, don't put to much pressure on yourself until you are completely recovered from your wagon spill. It's good you have recorded today's food and a gain of a pound is really not worth beating yourself up over.

    Good luck, I love this forum

    Kat xx

  • Thank you. Marathon not a race as they say! Just need to keep on going! :0)

  • Hi marydot

    Don't beat yourself up for falling off the wagon, we all do it from time to time. Just move on. Well done for braving the scales today and a pound gain is not bad at all and can soon be lost again.

    To help you get motivated why not join one of the challenges in the Pinned posts or have a read of the post "New year Amnesty" which will help you get into the right mind set.

    If you don't want to set your self a target then why not join today's weigh in to give you something to aim for over a week.


  • Thank you. I just need to get my positivity back I think. :0)

  • I think if you set yourself a target you might be more inspired to reach it, but make it a reachable, small target so you get that feeling if success, which will breed more success.

  • Do you spend time planning each days meals? I really think this is so important - planning makes such a huge difference to how we react to daily stresses. Without something you have prepared earlier, when you are down or starving you end up with a chocolate bar in your hand and defeat in your heart.

    Great that you are recording everything. Going back to basics is the best thing to do when you are feeling a bit out of control.

    I did a little maths experiment (nerd that I am) looking at the difference between losing 30 lbs, one pound a week and losing 30 pounds, but every 5th week gaining a pound instead of losing it.

    If you started January 1st you would lose it all by July 8th if you didn't gain.

    Gaining one pound, just one out of 5 weeks means you reach your goal in November instead of July!

    you can do this :)

  • Hi marydot we've all been there- so you're not alone in that! Something that really helped me to start with was writing a list of how my life is now (all the negative stuff) and then another list of how my life would be when I lose weight- it was so motivating to see it in black and white! I still use it now if I have a little wobble! Also I buy myself a little gift each week (eg a bunch of daffs) to remind myself I'm worth it.

    Keep going - you can do this😃

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