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Day 5 - lazy, too lazy, need more activity

Day 5 | 1.04.2017 Saturday

I managed to increase protein intake to 70g (vs 44g yesterday) and fibre to 23g (vs 14g yesterday). So I met this part of my goal :)


Total calories: 1,703

(21% breakfast; 35% lunch; 12% dinner; 32% snacks)

(32% carbohydrates; 56% fat; 12% protein)

- breakfast: porridge oats with milled flaxseed, Greek natural yoghurt, blackberries & strawberries (from frozen); calcium & magnestium tabs, Jointcare Max tabs, earl grey with lemon and honey

- mid-morning snack: half of a bread roll with hummus, cheese, cucumber and cress

- lunch: James Oliver crusted cod with mashy peas, potatoes, broccoli, and watercress-rocket-spinach salad with pomegranate, and homemade tartar souse

- dinner: ¼ bread roll with avocado, cherry tomatoes, celery stack with peanut butter, and tangerine


-some Pringles (I guess approx. 30g)

-1.5 small cookie that my partner brought from Paris (almost pure sugar)

-sweet rum (Koko Kanu, approx. 50mL)

5 a day: 4

Activity: 40 min

4,300 steps that include 40 min walk with my dog (2.6km)

My goals for tomorrow: strength training (postponed one more time)

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You appear to be doing fine IgaT.

Don't be too hard on yourself about the exercising. Exercise can be helpful for body and mind but not enough to berate yourself over.

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