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Hi Everyone. Well, it's Spring at last and I hope we can all look forward to a great summer, knowing we're healthier and slimmer than last year.

The last six weeks for me have been stable, just 0-3 lbs fluctuation from my lowest weight, even with a week in Tenerife (reckon I must have walked off those huge G&Ts )

I have been thinking hard about the different ways we all approach maintenance. Some people can't wait to ditch the weighing and calorie counting, and others find it's now just a way of life that they're happy to hang on to.

I've read several articles and it definitely seems true that to avoid regaining we can never take our eye off the ball ever again. Personally, I've embraced maintenance with the same approach as when I was losing, but now with more calories (though sadly only 200 more) !! Now that may sound very tedious, but for me it has become just a way of life.... no more of a chore than daily flossing my teeth (which my dentist has convinced me is equally vital if I want to keep them into old age 😯)

I chose this article link below to share with you. I warn you, it is a bit depressing, it seems that no matter how well we lose weight, there will always be a fat voice trying to get us fat the fact that our metabolism will always be much lower than for our naturally slim friend.

But we have two choices : give in to the "fat voice" and go back to being the big unhappy girl we once were, or accept that maintenance requires our continued effort for life.

Your thoughts Ladies please!



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  • Well done you. Your successful maintenance has been an example to lots of us. I've managed another month of staying within my 3lb cushion. Like last month it has been a bit of a seesaw, up again, down again! However today I weighed in at the same as last month, 1lb over my lowest weight. I'm pleased with that as I'm still trying to do it without weighing or counting but I have to admit the daily fluctuations can freak me out. That said I have never been over the upper limit I gave myself. I am only too familiar with that "fat voice " but so far have managed to kick it into touch!!! Thank you for hosting the maintainers club. I think it is just what I need to keep me on track.πŸ’

  • Staying within 3 lbs , well done. Feel very pleased with yourself and long may it continue 😊

  • You are doing well, wa2un7!

  • Thank you, Actually I'm not a good example to others as I have never cut out my sweet treats, just cut them down and counted while I was losing . I cut nothing out but tried to balance more carefully. However it worked for me and I don't imagine there is a ' one size fits all' solution. We all have to find our own path.. Now, YOU are a role model and gave me a lot of encouragement when I joined the forum.πŸ€—

  • I think you're doing brilliantly, wa2 and are a very good example! The 12 week plan doesn't advocate cutting anything out and the fact that you can control your consumption of sweet treats, is admirable! I wish I could do the same! :)

  • I don't believe in cutting out anything totally either, but thank you for those lovely words 🌹

  • Sounds to me like you are doing a great job, you've found what works for you! I don't believe in denial either, just moderation.

  • I do have to agree partly, and hers why I only partly agree, way before anyone knew of me.........years back, I read the blood type book by dr peter D'Adams around 2001, yes I followed some of his findings, very interesting.

    The bottom line is for me avoid corn at all costs ( tho it is in some gluten free lasagne sheets) , normal pasta bloats me, bread doesn't, I also avoid oranges, can have all other citrus, high protein low carb is the guide for Os such as myself. He has a whole site dedicated to his works if you want to seek his works. So basΓ©es on those findings, one size will not fit all.

    My weight is roughly 1/2lb over my ideal as an average, I over ate yesterday, a whole pizza ( very stupid I know) and now I'm paying for it ( why do these high carb days take so long to get over), I tend to to be reasonably relaxed these days, tho my stomach stills plays up with regular frequency, and I still keep a close eye on my cals, I'm come too far to let it all vanish. ( and too many clothes too).

  • Sounds like you have things under control Diana. I know what you mean about a high carb blow out... last time I ate whole pizza I was at least 2 lbs heavier for the rest of the week! I'll look into the blood group diet, interesting, thankyou.

  • You can buy a kit online if you need to, it can get complicated tho, the original book makes very interesting reading too!

    I'm coping tonight with a roasted chickpea and pepper tantine, get the the old gut moving, add in brewers yeast, small amount of rice pasta, lovely!

    I still haven't got over Mother's Day and too many chocs!

    Life is for living tho!πŸ˜‰

  • I do have to add, that given my gut, and bi polar, which sometimes go together, it feels a battle at times!

    If and when my tum ever setttles from menopause, only 10 years would be nice, I hoped I'd be symptom free by now, fresh minced ginger seems a medical extra, hardly ever for cooking tho!

  • Still doing brilliantly, Diana :)

  • So kind, not sure about the changing shape with Ladies over a certain age thing, despite a lower weight!

  • Absolutely ! Not to mention our baggy bits that will no longer shrink back. Ahh, if only I'd known at 25 what I now know at almost 65 , I would have taken much better care sooner !!

  • Its really interesting to read approaches to maintenance. I still have a stone to lose, but I never want to go back to how I was, and I feel like I've had half an eye on maintenance, and the transition to it, since the start. I think I agree that you can never take your eye off the ball. Smoking is like that for me too - I gave up smoking 14 years ago, and never had a slip, but I know in my heart that a slip is all it will take. I must never take my eye off that ball either. Knowing your weakness is a really good thing. Reading your ideas and advice is really helpful.

  • I totally get your reference to smoking. I actually quit thirty years ago but my partner, after ten years, still battles with the urge whenever he is with a smoker (especially in a pub).

  • Its an evil weed alright!

    I thought the article was interesting. I'm not familiar with the programme, but the general message seems to be that very slow weight loss is the best way to do it.

  • Yes that's how I understood it - the slower the loss, the less likely damage to your BMR .

  • I didn't know that it was possible to damage your metabolism in that way, but it does really make sense and explains why yo yo dieting is so common. It's made me feel more at peace with my 3lbs/month rate of loss.

  • I think there is also research that shows the longer you can manage to maintain your weight at the lower level, the easier it becomes. In my case I think that's true, I don't get so hungry now; but have also learnt a lot about healthier food/cooking/shopping, less sugar etc which must help.

  • I think you're right, I've been in my "maintenance range" for nearly two years, but my upper weight is actually now 3 lbs lighter than it was last year .... I think it takes a year at least to fnd your true TDEE.

  • Me too, weird how it happens

  • Thinking about how you are going to maintain right from the start is a really good idea JiminyCricket, something I did to a certain extent all the way through weight loss and glad of it now.

  • Oh that's good to hear, thank you.

  • Hi elliebath and everyone in the Maintainer's Club,

    I will hope to read that article over the weekend, and I'll be popping in sometime on Monday to share my weigh-in results (as I prefer to compare my monthly change from the Monday of the month to the following Monday) so I'll look forward to sharing progress then, and also commenting on the article.

    Thanks for hosting the Club, Ellie, and Congratulations to everyone for Maintaining! Great work!!! :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Hope your weigh-in tomorrow is positive 😊

  • Hi again,

    Back with my weigh-in results. Here are my stats:

    April 2017 (weighed on 3.04.17 as Monday is my preferred day to 'count' my weight each week).

    Weight 13 stone 6.25 pounds (height: 6 feet 1 inch)

    New BMI: 23.53

    Weight change: Lost 0.25lb this month - still in my maintaining 'window' of between 13 stone and 13 stone 7 pounds, so very happy with that. I've gained half an inch on my waist, but haven't really noticed that too much! :-)

    Chest: 40 inches (the same)

    Waist: 32.5inches (gained half an inch)

    Hips: 40 inches (the same)

    My goals for this month:

    1)Eat healthy sustaining foods

    2)Exercise regularly

    3)Include strength exercises as well as cardio

    I read the article you shared Ellie, and I agree that losing weight slowly is a good way to go - to keep it off. I am encouraged by the fact that my own experience has been that I've maintained my total loss of approx 5 stones for more than 2 years now, and I really hope I can continue to do so. I feel so much healthier and happier now that I'm slim and I feel tons fitter too - so I want to hold onto those great feelings.

    Wishing everyone success with their goals for this month - April should be a lovely month - hopefully some beautiful Spring weather and lots of opportunities to eat healthy foods, and enjoy a good balance including some enjoyable exercise.

    Good luck everyone.

    Zest :-)

  • To keep 5 stones off for two years is nothing less than a fantastic achievement ! Great too that you're still showing such a pleasing result, with very sensible aims for April. Congratulations.

  • Very well done Zest 😊 It is so encouraging to read of your successful 2 years of maintenanace, very motivating 😊 Thank you

  • Fantastic! You show us all it can be done!

  • It's great to hear your maintenance is going well Zest. What a great result. I hope April is just as much of a success. Enjoy that 'slim' feeling :)

  • Thanks for the link . I have been maintaining since Jan at about 8 st 12 , with couple of lbs on when I go on holiday , and straight off again on return . I never counted calories on my loss programme and still don't , I just have higher fat on non running days and higher carbs on running days . I do think about what I eat , made some swaps eg milk choc to dark choc , diet yoghurt to more filling full fat , and am very careful of takeaway food . I think I also make wiser choices in restaurants. It's defiantly been a journey of educating my palate and learning to make healthy choices. I've also changed my shopping habits . I still buy biscuits etc for my elderly mum and hubby but no longer ever buy the likes of Jaffa cakes as I know I can eat a full box at one sitting .

    I think for me the art of maintaining is healthy living , I certainly don't feel I'm on a " diet" anymore


  • Yes I think that's the key. Should feel like healthier living, not being on a continuous diet. I tend to think of the 80/20 rule, most of the time my choices are healthy , and occasionally just plain self- indulgent 😁

  • Yes thee 80/2O is defiantly a really good way of describing maintenance. And occasional plain self-indulgent is a definite must have 🎈

  • Thanks for posting the thread elliebath , that is basically the way I tackle maintenance too. Just back from a holiday, gained a couple of pounds but back on the 80pc healthy eating again and it's coming off.

  • I seem to have a bit of a binge week, I think sometimes it happens like that , a window of a couple of pounds us never going to be that bad tho

  • You are doing great, Mollydex. So good to hear.

  • Your way is exactly what I'm trying to achieve Molly. Fantastic! :)

  • Sounds like you have this beat!

  • Some days still require more effort than others :-)

  • Very interesting read elliebath 😊 I'm slightly heartened by the paragraph :

    "Common factors among successful weight losers are calorie restriction, regular exercise, portion control at meals, a healthy breakfast, and weekly weigh-ins."

    Also slow losers being a little better at keeping it off . . . I think most of us on here fall into that category so I'm feeling hopeful 😊

    Well done to all you Maintainers, I hope to join you soon 😊

  • You're nearly there Anna, and maintenance should be a doddle for you!!

  • Sure you will be maintaining soon Anna61. You certainly have inspired and helped many on here.

  • Awww thank you Sailsalot ❀

  • Good morning Elliebath, I'm pleased to see this thread! Also it's great to read about your continued positive progress, super encouraging :) Last month I had a couple of increases and a couple of decreases to report in my measurements, but this month it's definitely an increase overall:

    Chest 33", Waist 27", Hips 40", Upper arm 11", Upper thigh 23".

    Also yesterday I was wearing my size 12 jeans and they definitely felt tighter. 2 months ago I was in the 4th belt hole, but yesterday 3rd felt a little tight, was inclined to go for 2nd...

    No weigh-in to report as I'm yet to replace my broken scales but I'm sure that would show a similarly increased figure. I'm basically taking the overall 1.5" increase both on my waist and hips since Feb as a sign that things are going in the wrong direction, this is more than maintenance fluctuation.

    The good news is my size 8 skirts still all fit (I now have 3) due to my waist remaining quite small (due to my body shape). It's just the tight jeans and overall trend I'm concerned about.

    Further good news is I've joined a running club this week, meaning recent loss of a regular exercise routine is being well and truly fixed now. I have the aching muscles, bruises and blisters to prove it!

    On a final positive note I've started a set of graphs for all my measurements. I'm not going to blindly go up and up again like the article says. I've had a challenging start to maintenance with the asthma curtailing my exercise and work stress making wine etc slightly too appealing. But I feel I can definitely master this, the asthma is in check, and I quit the job! The whole picture has to work, and for me that means cutting out stress wherever I can, and keeping on running :)

  • That's great Ruth. Keeping on track without scales would be a challenge to me, but taking regular measurements obviously works for you and you can react to that. I'm still very envious of your 27" waist 😍

  • I'm probably in the 'overweight' bmi with this 27" waist! So don't be too envious as you probably don't have the 40" hips and 23" thighs to go with it! Maintaining without scales is definitely proving a challenge but I'm feeling determined so will give it another month then maybe admit defeat and buy some new scales :)

    I wanted to add I also floss and use those little brushes too. I think this change of attitude is about lifelong changes and safeguarding our teeth is a good analogy!

  • Im not far off Ruth, although my BMI is 22.3 my statistics are 5ft 5, 35-29-39 !!!

  • I'm 5'4", 33-27-40. Very much in the pear shape category 🍐🍐🍐

  • Curvy like maralyn monroe!

  • Yes exactly :D

  • Likewise. I just had to pay out Β£500 for a triple-root canal filling to save a tooth, so those little brushes are now used EVERY day!,

  • I've had two out, one of which replaced (with full root canal) one not (because at the back). My boyfriend had to help me out with the money. It costs so much less to just keep them really really clean!

  • Well done guess it beats Β£2.500 for a dental implant, brushes and flossing, never a moments regret tho

  • Ouch !!

  • Well it was a gift from my late Dad, planned before he went

  • That's nice, a very useful gift it was :)

  • It was, I lost too many back teeth , which was upsetting, surgery is never fun, the guy was exceptional tho and much less hassle than some other dentistry I've had

  • You're onto it Ruth and will definitely have things back on track by next month. I envy most of your measurements, but, especially your waist!! :)

  • A running club , very exiting x

  • I don't think I would trust myself without scales... glad to hear that you can! And very good that your asthma is under control. I'm surprised to hear that you have had to quit your job! You only just started. I'm sorry it didn't work out. Being out of a job can be very stressful too 😐

  • It wasn't a decision I took lightly. It was meant to be a part time job but in reality it was much more time consuming and stressful. I'm also studying and do other freelance work so I plan to tide myself over and catch up on lost time then search again for something truly part time. I hate job hunting but not enough to let the stress of being in the wrong job stop me completing my studies. Also with my new holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, I'm alert to the longer term effects of stress. It's been a hard decision, and involved a new kind of thinking and overall approach...

  • I admire your guts! I have a very stressful job, but I am afraid of making a change. I love what I do! There is not one task in my job that I don't like, there is just too much on my desk every day and I am not in control. But you are so right about the health consequences of long term stress. I really should do something.

  • Mine was like that but also my boss was piling extra stress on top. Straightforward tasks being piled on with disproportionate pressure, and then my hours doubling, then errors being made as a result of trying to rush everything. I'm not afraid of hard work but some people try to squeeze every last drop out of you. There's long term lifestyle changes and then there's some things you need to fix straightaway. I was only there 3 months but I earned double what I expected to earn... so I'm taking a breather.

  • It's difficult working for a boss like that. Back in the day I managed a business, 25 staff, a very busy one and I worked long hours. But subconciously I think I expected my staff to do the same.... I'm sad now to think I may have added to their stress by creating an unrealistic standard. It wasn't until I had my kids that I relaxed my approach a bit.

  • I'm sure you would have listened much better to employees who raised issues about being given too much to do and having to work double the hours they were expecting to (even when being paid extra, not all part-timers want to take on all the extra hours that get thrown at them)... From what I know of you on here I think you would have been very reasonable :)

  • That's kind of you to say, and yes overall I did run a happy ship with a very low staff turnover, so cant have been too bad I guess ....

  • I agree clothes are a very good indicator but I personally couldn't manage without scales, both kitchen and bathroom varieties! I've been there, done that with the stressful job, so admire your bravery to quit! Pleased to hear your asthma has improved and good luck with the running club. I'm sure that will help get rid of those pesky inches, but don't forget, a slim waist is a very good indication of a healthy body!

  • Thanks Caz! I'm seeing the inch gain as a sign of something I need to reverse so am getting back on it with running, cycling and soup/lots of veg etc. I'm also just generally trying to get my whole routine back. Good to hear from you as always :)

  • Thanks for hosting this month's catch up elliebath. Well, I'm about half a pound lighter than last month although I'm not sure how what with no running for the past week and a half - hope to be back running soon though. I'm typing this while rolling a tennis ball under my foot Ruth_canal_runner ;)

    I'm pretty certain I'll always have to track calories, avoid any processed food and anything containing sugar if I want to stay at this weight. I know that may sound tedious but I know by not doing that I'll be back to Ms Blimp in no time. I've tipped into that overweight BMI too many times in the past and then had to rein myself back in by a good 5'5" I'm happy to hover around the 10st mark.

  • I think I'll be the same , monitoring my food forever, Mochta

  • Well done Mochta, we each have to find the way that works for us :)

  • Well done, I'm with you, need to monitor carefully.

  • Thanks for hosting the Maintainer's Club, this month, Ellie :)

    You are an example to us all and have got your maintenance completely nailed! :)

    Unfortunately, I have to agree to everything in the article, re maintenance, which is a little depressing, but has strengthened my resolve and made me feel that having a maintenance period, before goal, is the right way to go! I would rather my body remembered this size as where it wants to be, than at nearly 20 stone!!

    Having said that, I haven't had a good month, weight-wise and find myself 3lbs up on last month and 2lbs up overall. It's not a huge amount, but certainly more than I feel comfortable with, at this stage of the game!

    I hope this is due to the fact that I haven't been feeling 100% this week and as a result, haven't been running and have been less strict with my intake.

    I still don't want to go back to calorie counting, or weighing daily, as that feels like "dieting" to me, so I shall stop feeling sorry for myself and get back to controlling what I'm eating and when and will get back to running, which not only helps stop weight gain, but makes me feel better too!

    Wishing everybody the best of luck for this coming month :)

  • Thankyou @moreless .Good for you, Im sure you'll drop those 2 lbs in no time.

  • You are a shining example to us all with your cheerfulness and positivity lovely moreless 😊 I have no doubt at all that you will knock those pesky pounds off their perch once you are feeling 100%.

  • Awww, thanks Anna :)

  • Those few pounds will be gone again as soon as you are back on the road!

  • Thanks Iben, fingers crossed! :)

  • Sorry to hear you have been under the weather. I hope you will feel better soon . I'm sure you'll lose those pounds once you hit the road. I don't think the 3lb gain is much to worry about as you are not counting or weighing. I have found that my weight fluctuates from day to day. Some days Im 3lb up and the next a couple of pounds have disappeared. No rhyme or reason to it. I've just learned to accept it. Look after yourself as your big family of " losers". Would be lost without you.πŸ’πŸ’

  • Aww, thanks Wa2, that's very kind of you :)

    Let's hope it is just a blip and that by next weigh-in all will be back to normal :)

  • Sorry you've been a bit under the weather πŸ™ Considering that you don't calorie count that small gain is impressive to me! I think your theory on letting your body get used to this weight before trying to lose any more is a sound one! Hope you can enjoy your runs again soon.

  • Thank you Caz :)

  • Hi Maintainers! I am happy to report that I have had a good March! I've lost 1 kg since we last met in the Maintainers' Club a month ago, which means I am now just 2 kg above my ideal weight. I have been stepping on the scales every morning and it has helped me staying on the straight and narrow. I'm still struggling with the concept of maintaining, striking a balance... but I am doing it nonetheless... Here's to another month of healthy choices πŸ₯—πŸ΅πŸ₯‘πŸ₯•πŸ†πŸ…πŸ‰πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

  • Great to hear you're making inroads on your weight gain. That's a nice healthy loss. Good luck for those other few pounds.πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Great to hear you're winning Iben. You have a good strategy and it's totally working. Do you think it's all down to keeping in mind the daily effects of your actions or do you think warmer weather has contributed too? Whatever it may be I hope the next month is similarly successful :)

  • A bit of both. And we have started buying meal boxes (like Gousto in the UK) which means that the ingredients and recipes for four healthy meals a week are delivered to our doorstep every Sunday. No more going shopping after work means no more buying a bit of chocolate 🍫 or wine 🍷 to reward or comfort myself. Simple but effective.

  • That sounds like a good strategy. Plus there's the money saved on the wine and chocolate too :)

  • Great news, Iben, although we've come to expect nothing less of you! You're one very determined lady! :)

  • Thank you, moreless, my determination is definitely back. Today while running I was even considering perhaps going a bit lower weight-wise to become faster - so perhaps I am aiming for 60 kg by 1st of May... Giving it some serious thought...

  • Wow! You're amazing!! :o

  • It is all about running for me!

  • Great news, well done!

  • Well done Iben, the delivered meal boxes clearly work well . I always envy royalty and film stars who have a personal chef .... no supermarket temptations for them !

  • Me too! A chef and a personal trainer!

  • You know I don't, I love to cook my own food, admittedly I'd like a someone special to share it with ( yes I end buying takeaway containers to freeze the other half in), well that is another story!

    Every know and then I go out for a meal too, I'm so mad I end up buying the cat slice cold meat from the butchers too, which she seems to like.

    Another fav thing of mine, which I'll post in recipes is baked potatoes in the slow cooker..........pierce, wrap in foil, add to dry slow cooker, cook on high for 4 hrs or 8 on slow, then crisp up, has a lovely baked taste too. I'm currently coping on a top oven, as my main one has gone ( waiting to replace it with new kitchen hopefully soon), bit of a pain at times

  • Hi Everyone, and thanks for hosting this months Maintainers Club elliebath . I found the linked article interesting, if a little depressing! I'm pleased to report little change from last month, I tend to fluctuate within 2 lbs, still weighing daily, so if I see a slight gain I'm careful with my choices the following day, seems to work for me. I'm becoming a bit more active again now that spring is here, walking, gardening etc., makes you feel better just being outside! I'm still calorie counting, using MFP it's just become a way of life for me and I fear if I didn't it would soon show on the scales....

    Have a great April everyone and enjoy all the spring colour, oh, and avoid those Easter eggs!!

  • Hi Caz. 2-3 pounds fluctuation day to day, or week to week, is perfectly healthy maintenance, so many congratulations on your continued success.

    PS I am really hoping my kids don't surprise me with an easter egg, I have hinted that if they insist on bringing me something, then flowers would be lovely 🌻🌼🌹🌸

  • I've succumbed to mini ones, that means I can ration it too, flowers are lovely tho

  • Oooh yes mini eggs ..... I must now admit that I've already had half a bag of those!! But have put the remaining half bag away out of sight until next week....(she saysπŸ˜‰)

  • I think knowing I can ration means it helps, mine won't bother with choc , so it's only me to tempt me!

  • Good to hear things are working out. I have adopted the daily weighing and it really helps me too. I will try to avoid Easter eggs. Difficult.

  • It sounds like you're doing really well Caz! Congrats on another perfect maintaining month. I hope this Spring weather continues. Getting outside more definitely helps with everything :)

  • Hi maintainers may i join in, a bit late i know but i have only just decided to maintain as of yesterday. I have lost 2 stone, but 6lbs off the top end of my healthy bmi. Im 5 foot 7 and a lot of weight has come off my chest, which i dont really want any more to come off there, so i have decided to maintain for now and work on toning up and eating heathily and see what happens.

    my measurements are;

    waist - 34"

    hips - 40

    bust -36

    thighs - 23

    Arms 11.5

    Weight- 11 stone 12

    When i started taking my measurements in june last year they looked like this;

    Waist - 36"

    hips - 44

    bust - 38

    Thighs - 25

    Arms 12.5

    Weight 13 stone 12

    Hope to be able to join you on your monthly threads :)

  • Well done on 2st so far, thats no small feat.

    By all means join in . Most of us are maintaining our final desired weight, but some are just maintaining temporarily as a 'rest period ' , before a final burst of effort later on. We post a topic around the first of the month , but you'll also see some maintainers pop up in other threads too, from time to time.

  • Hi@Anna61 I am still the same Sep.1st will be trying for the 3lb loss until Christmas now

    I still did not get a thread to post but hope it reaches the right quarter!

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