Awesome April Exercise Challenge - Week 1

Awesome April Exercise Challenge - Week 1

Hello everyone. Me again and no, it’s not an April Fool…

This challenge is open to everyone. We will be aiming for 150 minutes of exercise every week throughout April. The challenge will start Monday 3rd April and close Sunday 30th April. I am posting today to give you some prep time. moreless or YellowRose55 please could you pin for me.

Any exercise can be included, walking, running, swimming, biking, yoga, pilates, strength training, workout dvds, inside, outside, etc. All you need to do is make a note of the minutes you spend each week exercising and post them each Sunday/Monday for the previous week. I will open a new post each week to avoid overloading the site.

There will hopefully be some stats and attempt a little leader board for those of you who are on the competitive side...

Some tips to get started:

- plan when you are going to exercise, you will be more likely to stick with it

- write it in your diary, put a reminder in your phone, set up a chart or spreadsheet maybe (coloured pens positively encouraged!)

- buddy up with someone where you can

- try incorporating easy exercise into your daily routine - could you walk the school run once a week? Could you pop to the shops on your bike instead of in the car? Could you squeeze a quick walk in during your lunch break?

- do something you enjoy - you will never stick with it if you don't find it fun, interesting or motivating, have a look at what others are trying, there might be something you have never considered that could become a favourite or encourage you to dust off those trainers or that bike.

- if you struggle for time could you break it down - 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening.

- check out this link for more ideas of what you can do and how you can get moving:

There are also some great short workouts on YouTube - I found a great beginner, low impact 10 minute workout with BodyFit by Amy and a number of people have recommended Leslie Sansone walking workouts.

I hope this gives you an incentive to start.

We aren't competing against each other, just motivating ourselves to move more.

Hopefully there will be fewer April showers and more sunshine and blue sky to help encourage us outside.

Good luck for the coming week.


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67 Replies

  • I'm in, Jugs!

  • Count me in TheJuggler - the discipline of being accountable worked for me last month so I'm up for April too :-) Thanks for organising this challenge! I thought I might try out some new activities (and maybe improve my cycling skills too!).

  • Count me in, please. I had minor breast surgery last week, so am a bit more limited than usual as to what I can do, but really want to keep my fitness up and get back to some strength training when I can.

  • Welcome along! Make sure you follow whatever medical advice you have been given and take it very slowly. Even a gentle stroll counts so it doesn't have to be hard work. Good luck with the recovery.

  • Hi TheJuggler

    Post pinned and can I join you all for the April challenge please?

  • Of course!! Off we go again...

  • Please can I join, but it's not exercise in my book it's having fun 😆😝 xx

  • Great attitude! I realised as I set off to walk to my son's football this morning that small things have now become routine so I don't notice that they are 'exercise'. Surely that must mean we have made changes without noticing?!!

  • I'm actually enjoying myself, i have been a yo-yo dieter for years, never stuck to anything but this time I'm healthy eating and having fun it's made a lot of difference to my mind set, I'm slowly seeing the changes and have so much more energy. Changes for the better it's great, I'm so glad I found this forum and the amazing people on here 💖💙 xx

  • I agree - I find myself happily walking between places where in the past I'd have either got in the car, taken a taxi, or grumbled and complained as I dragged my way there by foot :-)

  • Hi Orcadiana, many thanks for the support on the health weigh in today. I'm going to try this April project. 😊

  • I'm in too, thanks TheJuggler x

  • I'm in. Have been trying to establish routines in many aspects of life and taking a proper lunch break is one of them. I shall use that to walk 30 minutes each day. Thanks for organising the challenge thejuggler. Justine

  • I'm in, finally a use for the active minutes section on my fitbit!

  • Me too me too!! Determined to beat last month's totals!

  • A personal mini challenge! Love it.

  • Now I need to work out what they were!

  • Here are your totals, BDB





    Hope that helps :)

  • Check you super administrator! Thank you very much! 😁

  • LOL!! That'll be the day! :D :D

  • Please count me in. Thank you!

    Justine, I'm with you. Always used to go out for walks on my lunch break. I'll start it again on Monday.

  • Count me in too please 😀

  • Can I join you all too please :-) I'm going away at the end of the month (28th) so I need to get cracking :-)

  • Of course! The more the merrier.

  • Count me in- help to keep me motivated! When will we have to post our timings? Every Saturday?

  • Hi RG. Sunday/Monday is fine. I will post a results thread next Sunday hopefully. Just realised am going away so may do an early results post so you can post to it and I will pick it up when I'm back. Glad you are joining us.

  • Count me in, looking for a challenge! 🌞

  • Please count me in TheJuggler.

    As you know most of my mins are work related, which I have to do, but the challenge does help me focus on activities outside of that.

    Thanks for organising again.

  • Please count me in.

    Thanks TheJuggler

  • I'm joining you again too. I am away for a week at the end of the month. Will carry on if we have internet connection.😊

  • Great. No problem if you can't post or need to post late at the end of the month. Sure you will still get your minutes in.

  • Absolutely count me in please. Do you know because the March Mad Hare Challenge has finished, I think it was physiological and because I didn't have to report my exercise on the forum I took the car to my daughters today whereby I have had the motivation to walk throughout March. Thank you so much TheJuggler for doing it again in April. Have a lovely weekend and lets get going again on Monday 👍🏻

  • Glad to hear the March challenge helped with incentive. Let's get ready for April!

  • Thanks TheJuggler yes please count me in.

    Thank you for running this again.

  • You are welcome 😁

  • Thejuggler,hi there I'm looking at joining in. George 56

  • Welcome along.

  • Hi I am in please add me

  • Count me in please

  • I am up for it. I walk the dogs what I will try and do is add something different will look on you tube and also see what apps their are on my kindle. Good luck every one

  • Sounds like a plan. Welcome.

  • Me too please if I can count dog walks! I'm enjoying the exercise I'm doing but need to prioritise getting enough sleep to keep it up, this should help me focus 😀

  • Great! Sounds you have some good goals.

  • Count me in too. I've been attempting calorie counting since Jan and been doing ok but really struggled with the motivation to do any planned exercise. Hopefully this will give me a nudge in the right direction and make myself accountable. Plus the sun ☀️ is helping, let's hope it lasts!

  • Please count me in, too. This will be my first challenge, and looking forward to it! Thank you!

  • Welcome along. Hopefully it will be lots of fun.

  • I'd like to join this too. Now the weather is getting better, ther's no excuse. This challenge will keep me on track.

  • Welcome, welcome. Fingers crossed for lots of lovely sunshine.

  • Count me in please 🙂

  • Thank you for running another exercise challenge TheJuggler 😊 Count me in!! 😊

  • I would like to join need to get fit and healthier thanks

  • Please may I join? I'll probably just be walking but it will make me more conscientious about getting moving.

  • Any exercise counts and walking is one of the best.

  • Count me in please. Been managing about 90 minutes in the gym each week. This will help me do more. Many thanks. James

  • Count me in.

  • Great. Count me in.😊

  • Hi

    Can I join in the April challenge toplease? Really need something to get me moving more

  • Of course. Welcome along.

  • I am in please

  • Me too please TheJuggler ! Really enjoyed last month and it's beneficial for me to keep in my mind that I need to keep moving, logging my mins is the spurring on I need...xx

  • Count me in please!

  • Thank you for running this again TheJuggler I think my target for this Challenge is "Move More". Keeps me going though.

  • I'm not sure if I said I would join, but I will please! Thanks TheJuggler for running this challenge!

  • Hi,have I got this right,check in Mon/Tue with amount of time spent exercising,and state activities, I'm in it too😊

  • Not sure if here is where I reply. My activity from 1 April to today is 623 minutes.

  • Hello TheJuggler, I am going to try and get back on track this week with some exercise between hospital visits. I don't think I even quite managed 30 minutes a day last week, but never mind it couldn't be helped. I may not manage as much as I would like this week either, but I need to feel a little more focused.

  • 1st to 8th April approx 10 hours gardening; joints are stiff and ache like hell

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