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Best Bread to Buy to buy for health

Has anyone any advice re the best bread to buy for health purposes. I only now eat bread very seldom eg Beans on One Slice or if I ever need a carb boost but I'd like to use only the finest bread with the right vitamins and minerals rather than the ones with very long preservatives.

I find that bread really hinders my weight loss yet potatoes are fine.

I'd like to be able to incorporate tho for breakfast a slice of toast that I know will be doing me good.

I'd appreciate your help.

It doesnt matter to me whether it's seeded, whole meal, granary, white or brown. All are fine I'm grateful for suggestions. I will then go out and buy and freeze .

Have a great week end.

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I would suggest that you make your own, Lynne, then slice and freeze. That way, you'll know exactly what's in it :)

I believe that the Healthy Eating Community have recently posted a lot of recipes, if you'd like to take a look? :)


Thank you. I will take a look. 🙂


If you find bread is a problem for weight loss do you need to eat it at all?


So true thank you 😊


How about Rye or Spelt bread? Both lower GI than wheat bread, but will still give you that lovely texture of toast.

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I will try that thank you 😊


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