Hi It's me! How you all been doing ?

Hi It's me! How you all been doing  ?

Hi Everyone,

Gosh it's been Ages since I posted on here..

Any news ? Updates ? Advice? I need to know ?

I have been on track with my weight, but need to lose 6lbs! To be were I feel most comfortable, these are my healthy breakfast s I tend to have one or two mornings a week after the weekend

How are you guys doing ? Any tips ? On how to shift 6lbs!! In 4 weeks.....😃

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6 Replies

  • Hi June, long time, no see! How the devil are you? :)

    I'm pretty sure there's nothing we could tell you about weight loss, you must be the expert by now, having been a member here for almost 3 years!! :)

    Have you tried the blood sugar diet? :)

  • Moreless

    Doing fine 👍 Thank you....

    No what's the blood sugar diet about?

    How's things with you ?

  • I'm just fine thanks and glad to hear that you are :)


  • Hi June!

    Just spotted you here! Welcome back!!! I love your photo - delicious plate of yummy fruit there.

    Brilliant to hear you're on track with your weight. You can do this!!!

    Just about to go out for a walk, but wanted to say hello before I pop out.

    Wishing you an excellent weekend.

    Zest :-)

  • Good to see you back June! Hope all is well.

    Only 6 lbs? Bah, that's nothing for an expert like you. BUT don't cut your calories too low ... honestly, please don't ... cuz you won't keep it off ( ha, I've learned quite a bit about maintenance in the last two years!)

  • elliebath

    ❤👍 Xxx

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