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My Introduction and my goal

Hi Forum.

I am a newly arrived member - i just joined this forum today.

I have one goal in mind..

That is to inspire and motivate as many people as i can in this forum.

I am actually not overweight in any means, but i like to give value to people.

A little background story:

I am fairly young - 19 years old - i have studied personal development and succes for a couple of years and that is how i like spending my time; i love helping and providing solutions for people. A couple of years ago i watched a video that really changed my perception of life. I opened my mind to multiple possibilites. Through study i have developed a completely different mindset, and i enjoy sharing it with others. I enjoy helping people realizing their potential, and that is what i will dedicate my life to.

I will look forward to bring value to the community.

- Andreas aka WeightyMind

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This places runs on encouragement and great advice - I am sure you can only help to add to that.


Feel free to motivate, inspire and encourage that's exactly what this forum is for. We help each other by answering questions and simply being here with sympathy, advice and tips.

Kat x


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