24 Hours Healthy Choice

Good morning everyone, checking in for a fresh 24 h of healthy choices.

Started thinking about the weekend as this is a danger zone for me. I want to stick to the plan otherwise the numbers on the scale will never go down.

I think I'll need a treat, perhaps a bit of binge watching iPlayer on Sunday night.... only a little :-)

Have a good and healthy day everyone!


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7 Replies

  • Lol 😊 I like the idea of binging on iplayer 😊 My favourite at the moment is The Last Kingdom, a Viking saga written by the same author as Sharpe 😊

    Have a good weekend, you can do this

  • Yes, that's the one, I like the last kingdom to and I'm just getting in Line of Duty again. You have a great weekend to.

    Saying that, is this forum closed on weekends?

  • No, we never close 😊 There may not be many people about in the middle of the night though 😂

  • It was suggested to me to break days into meals. So if you are worried about going off track during the whole 48 hours (to exaggerate the weekend) maybe think of a healthy breakfast and then a healthy lunch and you'll hopefully see that you can stay on track x

  • Oh Hlb82, what a great idea, thank you for suggesting it. I never looked at it like that. This is giving me confidence that I can do it. I'm hoping that once I've managed one weekend the next one will be easier. Have a great weekend.

  • Planning is key Elke516 😊

    Have a good weekend

  • Just a quicky to check in today, super lovely day here today. I'm helping with the lambing today so I'm active and outside, bingo. I'm sticking to the plan so far so good woooohooo. My brain is confused, wants to keep the old habits but I'm steering in the right direction... healthy meals.

    My brother in law was so desperately looking for ice cream in the freezer he broke the front of the drawer off LOL.

    As it's my first weekend and I want to nail it I'm happy to stick to my 'working week' plan. For next weekend I'll plan something different.

    Welcome to all newbies, I hope you'll like this forum as much as I do.

    Wishing you all a good and healthy rest of the weekend.

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