How hard can a year be?

I worked out last night that to be at a healthy BMI and a candidate for IVF I need to lose 2.69lbs every week for the next year.

I mean how hard can that be? If the last year of getting 3 n a half stone shifted (but putting 1 n a half back on) is anything to go by, it's gonna be tough ☹️

Does anyone have any tips or anything to help?? πŸ’–


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  • I really hope it goes well for you. The hurdles to jump through for IVF or get anywhere near is tough and emotionally draining. Me and my partner is same situation.

    Try to keep the goal in sight but don't put too much pressure on yourself as you can lapse (I've done before)

    Just try to substitute any of your favourites with a lower calorie content but fulfils any cravings.

    Also if you do put on, keep to the scales and refocus and look at the goal.

    It's not going to happen overnight but you can make it happen 😊 good luck 😊

  • Thanks Hun. Congratulations on your weight loss this week. Cracking numbers πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Not a problem, if you get stuck or just want a chat then let me know. Thank you let's hope I can maintain and loose more πŸ˜†

  • Good morning mrsdavis86 😊

    You are in the right place for encouragement and support 😊 I hope you have had time to read all the suggestions you were given when you first joined the forum 😊

    Why don't you join us on the Feelgood Friday weigh-in? (Unless you are already part of another data weigh-in group?)

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Anna. I'm gonna look for a Sunday one. My NHS weigh in app drills me every Sunday for a weigh in 😊

  • Great 😊

  • Have you looked into couch to 5k? There's a great forum for that on here and the podcasts are free to download from the NHS live well pages. Couch to 5k was a real game changer for me. I think 2.69lb/week is perhaps a tall order. But it's good to aim high, as long as you can keep your mind on side for the fluctuations-filled reality of a weight loss journey. Wishing you lots of luck :)

  • It's definitely a tough number to get, but I'm comfortable with not reaching 3lbs every week as some will be better than others. I'm gonna give the couch to 5k a go 😊

  • Quite often we won't have potatoes or pasta with a meal and just have loads of veg instead. Roasted, boiled, steamed... Fills us up in way less calories. Good luck.

  • Hello MrsDavis86 break it into smaller targets like 7lbs at a time I also need to loose another 64 lbs but target of 2lb a week is doable. I received a tracker with the heart rate monitor (Fitbit Blaze) for Christmas and it is a godsend. As well as 10,000 steps a day (took me three weeks to get there) it prompts you to move every hour during the day. It also highlighted how badly I was sleeping so took advice and changed habits so sleeping nearly 7 hours from an erratic 3/10. Eating within calories and moving seem to be working. I changed jobs a year a ago and put a stone on - weekly weigh in are a must so you can correct if going up instead of down. Good luck and try to keep positive

  • I love my Fitbit. Can't be without it. Found last year as well that logging everything I ate n drank really helped so pushing myself to get back into that. Still can't work out why I'm so restless of a night tho. Think running round my village might help make sleep easier 😊

  • Hi . I hope your IVF is a success. My daughter in law had 2attempts at IVF one in UK and 1in Hungary. After the stress of it all, We have a lively 7year old and by a miracle girl 6 year old girl who appeared by magic .

    So do not give up xx

  • Thanks Hazelnnett. Fingers crossed. Gonna work so hard for it 😊 xxx

  • I fully understand with yourself. This is the same reason I am dealing with my weightloss. With this site luckily for me I have never felt like stopping or giving up yet as I find it so positive, with any day you feel you are going wrong, make sure you check you are doing ok with calories and try to fit in with your calories. If you do go over just tell people on here and you will get some support which should get you back on track. Another thing I also do myself, is think of the reason I am trying to do this and how I would feel if I can't get the ivf in the end. I know I feel like I am letting my husband and his family down as they will not have any other grandchildren in the family without us having a child even though he tells me not to think like this and I also make myself think of a little child and being pregnant. It manages to put me straight back on track in case you lose track again.

  • I felt the same way as if I was letting people down, my dad passed almost 2 years ago and my biggest regret was that I didn't make him a grandad. I'm trying to focus that now into my mum needs grandkids to fuss over (especially after finishing her work) and it's something he'd be so happy for. I love this app. I'd be lost without all the positivity on it. Best of luck with reaching your goal and fingers crossed 🀞we make our baby dreams happen soon πŸ’–πŸ˜Š

  • Thank you mrsdavis86 sorry to hear about your dad, yes let's hope we do both manage to get there with our dreams. We can probably both motivate each other with this. Hope 🀞any time you do come off track thinking πŸ€” of all this does put u back on track too.πŸ™ Good luck! πŸŽ‰πŸŒΉπŸ˜€

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