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Day 4 and I feel good about food!!!

Did the supermarket, label reading, healthy options snack shopping last night and OMG.....what a HUGE, MASSIVE difference. I have put every single morsel of food I have ate into My Fitness Pal app all day and guess what?????? I did not go over my calorie intake all day!!!!! I just couldn`t bear the thought of giving up my snack foods yet ( one thing at a time ) as change of diet meals wise is hard enough!! Now I managed to have all my meals and snack and I have not been hungry at all. I won`t bore you all with the snack list but if anybody wants ideas, feel free to ask. Hopefully in time I can cut the snacks back.

P.S. Walked 5138 steps 2.1 miles. Thank you all for your input. I feel for the first time in years that my eating habits will get better and hopefully feel the weight coming off slowly.

That is all folks. Share tomorrow`s outcome when I get the chance.

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It's great to hear you feeling positive and in control 😊 Very well done


Well done a really impressive start ollio

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Wow ollio what a change from a week ago. How empowered you must feel taking control of your life.

Like you say, you can't change everything at once. Some people can and actually need to but for others its less of a shock to the brain and the body, when you're changing large parts of your life, to do it in manageable steps.

Keep on keeping on!


such a lovely positive post ollio, what a difference to a week ago, well done for not giving in and taking control:)


That's great ollio . So pleased that you're feeling more positive.


Good for you!


That's brilliant well done you xx


That's great, you definitely sound much more in control and pleased. I'm glad you feel you can do this now. Well done 👏😃🎉


That's great that you are feeling better keep up the good work


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