A little self-flagellation is in order!

I've not fallen off the wagon for ages. Then today, which was a planned fast day (I'm doing 5:2, have been for about three months now), I was invited out unexpectedly to lunch. Had a lovely fish pie and rhubarb crumble, no problem there, but since I've come home, I've shoved everything I could find in my mouth, just stopping short of the dog's dinner. Now why on earth did I do that?

I can't fit another fast day in before Monday, so I'm going to have to try and keep under 1400 cal for the next three days, not easy as I have various things going on. I shall be so annoyed with myself if I don't lose on next Tuesday's weigh-in, but only myself to blame!😫


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17 Replies

  • Oh dear! Name on the sad side for you!! Stay in for 5 mins at break and then we will draw a line under it start again. (No idea why we all do this but we do, at least you have stopped now and haven't allowed it to drag into your evening so it could have been a lot worse.) keep going, you have been doing well 😲

  • Thanks Ella (that cat has such a cute face!)

  • Oh no! I feel your pain...had salad for dinner last night but it didn't fill me. So followed it up with a giant family pack of crisps! Had my wedding dress fitting today (30 April so count down is on) and it was actually tight, I'm the opposite of the usual shrinking brides!! Am hoping it's just water retention from the salty crisps but going to have to be careful....hen party tomorrow night and wedding day though so not q great start 🍰🍦🍺🍾 I guess we can both pledge to squeeze in some exercise over the weekend?! Damage limitation mode! Hope you don't feel too down, still a while until Tuesday!

  • Ooh exciting, food-lover. What's your dress like (or aren't you allowed to tell?)

  • Not sure how to reply with a picture! It's traditional Ivory on top but mint green on the bottom so a bit different to the norm

  • It sounds gorgeous!

    (I think we can only put photos on when we make the post, not when we are responding. )

  • Ah that makes sense! How has your "damage limitation" been going? I've stuck to food diary yesterday but weighed myself the last two mornings and am 2 pounds up since Tuesday!! And hen party tonight and wedding Sat - next Monday I'll have to survive on air alone if I am to get back to 9st 6! I guess I'll have to take a gain this week and get back on it properly next week. hope you are feeling positive and back on track :)

  • 'Tis done - move on- we are only human after all

  • Yup, am in a better frame of mind now, suzybenj. X

  • Tubbyteacher you are hard on yourself although you have to be if you want to succeed! Not always permanent if you starve. I am in the same boat. I have been dieting for about 36 of my 46 years and find it increasingly hard now I menopausal! Currently 11 stone 4 lbs would be happy losing a stone. Quit alcohol 5 weeks ago and fighting the odd chocolate biscuit or 3. Otherwise reasonable diet watch out for healthy choices flat white coffee sparkling water loads of exercise and sleep. Nothing works try to keep to 1400 Calories a day. Any advice amigos gratefully received

  • I posted the same issue 2 weeks ago to the day. I got some great responses, like you are now. One of my favourites was from a 'maintainer' who said simply that it happens and that it sometimes happens to them. Like everyone's saying, draw a line under it and crack on with your life, you'll be fine.

  • I've been like that for a few days 😦 and I don't see any immediate improvement. I'm away for the weekend again and then off to Paris for a few days with my 11 year old granddaughter. Oh well. Back on the straight and narrow after that ....

  • Ooh, I love Paris in the springtime.......croissants, crepes....oh well, get back on the wagon with us when you get back!

  • Trimmerteacher not sure if you meant why did you stop before eating the dog's dinner! (tee hee!) Sounds like one of those days, no mind just do what you can.

    The wagon will be there for you to climb back on tomorrow.

  • Haha! 🐶

  • We all have bad days, out of the bad you can always find a gain. Maybe your gain was to make you realise how easy it is to go of the wagon and now you can work out some strategies to prevent it happening in a big way again good luck

  • Thanks for the support everyone! As someone else said yesterday, you are such a great bunch on this forum! 😊

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