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Meal plan for up-coming week - any advice welcome

Meal plan for up-coming week - any advice welcome

OK, this is my huge achievement today. I planned all the meals in up-coming week. As it is my first proper meal planning not only lunches), any advice or comment more than welcome.

Note: my main meal is lunch.

One thing about my breakfast: it is porridge oats microwaved with water, flaxseed, and frozen berries (strawberries & blackberries), and then few big spoons of Greek yoghurt added. In the morning I'm also eating: 2 tabs of calcium & magnesium, as well as tab & capsule of Seven Seas JointCare Max.

This is the only thing that I don't want to change. Any other suggestions of changes or improvements?

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1. I love this

2. I REALLY love this

3. See 1.

Planning is the key to success with this and this is great - I used to do exactly the same thing myself, even down to including links to recipes or a 2nd tab in my spread sheet with the recipes on there - seriously, its a bit deja vu lol

I like that you are making extra batches and having those over several days. When you find things you like to eat and cook they become something to look forward to, not something where you think "Oh that again".

I assume you have done calorie counts based on your assumed portions so again, this is fantastic.

Magnesium? Fantastic its my favourite mineral of all time and has so many benefits for the body.

Calcium? I am sure you are taking this for a reason so I won't offer an opinion but I will dorp in an article here


Again this looks amazing and you should be really proud of yourself - I KNOW how much work this can be because I have done it myself.

Yay you!

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Dave1961, you're right, it is a lot of work in the beginning. It took me half of a day today, and I was collecting some information for the past approx. half a year, but couldn't make myself to sit and finally do it. I used one of my last days without work to push myself and get it out of my head.

I haven't checked calories, I'll do it on the way. For now, I tried to figure out what to cook to eat healthy, and what to buy (or rather not buy) while doing the groceries. I think I may be a little low on calories. I concentrated on having more protein and healthy fats.

I am always cooking a little more, as I really don't like cooking. I think I'd hate it if I'd have to do it every day. Moreover, it takes a lot of time. So I'm cooking more, for 3-5 portions. Depending if my partner is home or on the business trip it lasts 1-3 days. Well, my unfortunate mushroom soup is still there for me for the 5th day in a row :( I forgot that I'll be eating it alone and did too much.

If you have any suggestions regarding ... well, anything. I'd appreciate all the tips ;)


The Myfitnesspal app can take online recipes and easily tell you calories etc. once you say how many serves you are making from the recipe. Its surprisingly easy - you just go to "Add A Food".

There is a "Recipes" tab and when you select that, there is an option is to "Add from the web".

Put in the website and it will look at the recipe, convert it for calories and store it in it's recipe box.

If there is an ingredient it want figure out it just lists them and then you just pick the option thats correct

Its awesome and one of the things that I love about this app - thats free! ")

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I also started to use MyFitnessPal, and I already added my morning porridge, so I don't have to put all ingredients every time.

I forgot that I can use website recipes. I need to try it. Although I usually change / adapt them a little.

Thank you for the advice, much appreciated.


Thank you for the article about calcium. I'll re-think this supplementation and maybe change it for magnesium only or if I'd find magnesium + vit D.

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