Weight Loss and Restless Legs

I have given up alcohol during my weight loss journey. Before my journey I used to drink every night with my meal around 3/4 of a bottle of wine or 3 gin and tonics.This contributed to my weight gain slowly over a period of time ... I had terrible restless legs, anyone who has this knows how unpleasant it is to the sufferer. You just can't get comfortable no matter what you do. I've had it for years. Although it does occur now and then, since giving up booze in my case to lose weight and get my liver function back yo normal. I have noticed a huge benefit in as much as my restless legs have improved 100%. It was just social drinking with my partner however I was suffering without knowing why. Has anyone else noticed an improvement in restless legs. My late Father had Parkinson's disease although he hardly drank alcohol and had been a great sportsman. I was starting to wonder if I was showing symptoms however after giving up the booze my condition has improved plus the calorie content in booze was making me fat. Since giving up the social drinking my blood pressure is perfect, liver back to normal after 4 weeks and restless legs improved and I've dropped seven pounds. I think our food and drink have much to contribute to our overall health. I'm not saying I will never partake in a drink again,,,, I will I like a drink but I shall be very mindful of the effects it is having. It is sad because I really did enjoy a drink but it really was sabotaging my health and looks. I am writing this because I'd live to hear if anyone else suffers from restless legs and the triggers that set off the pain. Mine was alcohol. What foods trigger your restless legs or drink and is it an hereditary factor. ? Has your weight loss improved your restless legs .? Mine was so severe, I never took meds for the condition. I am interested to hear your stories although this is a Weight loss community this is related.


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16 Replies

  • Hi LittleLynne - well done on your progress - all sounds like you're heading in the right direction. I sometimes get restless legs - and I do often have a glass of red wine with dinner - but just the one.

    After working with a nutritionist, I started to take a magnesium supplement and it cleared right up. Make sure it's a good quality make though if you decide to try it.

    Running and walking also really help me.

    Hope that helps!


  • Thank you I'd like to try it, I have heard magnesium is good. What brand of magnesium is it please ? Thank you

  • Hi - I use Source Naturals. If it's affordable, perhaps try to buy organic veg as overused soil can make our food magnesium deficient... good luck and let me know if if works out for the good xx

  • TUESDAY 10:00 Channel 5

    Restless Legs

  • Well done LittleLynne for your achievement thus far! It is great that you have acknowledged your problem areas and also know your triggers well, this helps you manage your situation better. All the best.

  • Thank you 😊

  • Hi LittleLynne

    OMG I had not made the connection between RLS and alcohol but just like you I have had restless legs since my late teens - over 45 years! I have also had a serious problem with alcohol which contributed to my weight heading close to obesity. I decided to do the Dry January as part of my weight loss plan and it worked so well it motivated me to keep off the booze - nearly 3 months now and I've lost 26 lbs. What I hadn't noticed was that my restless legs are far less problematic at night so another reason to stay 'dry'. Like you I find the idea of never picking up a drink again daunting but Just For Today I can manage it. My problem was that one drink is never enough. So thank you for making me aware of the connection.

    I still wake 2 - 3 times a night for toilet trips and now read that too much salt may be the underlying cause. Having given up sugar and alcohol I now think salt will have to go too. However, I am looking to change my habits and lifestyle for long term health benefits so will try. There is some truth in the phrase that that the things we enjoy are often immoral, illegal or fattening!

    Good luck with your weight loss plans. Daisy

  • Hi Daisy, you've fine do well and it's inspiring. I do think the odd glass is ok but I'm just going to have the odd glass when I've completed the weight loss for health. You've done brilliant. Well done

  • Hey! Well done on cutting down alcohol! It will definitely improve your health. Re your legs: I had some leg issues in the past, and (like mentioned above) magnesium helped, and also (weird but true!) snacking on almonds (just watch the portions as they have lots of cals). Good luck! ;-)

  • Thank you I will try this 👗

  • There's a programme Channel 5 Tuesday 10:00 Called Restless Legs.

    May help you with some answers Little Lyn

  • Aw thanks I will watch that programme. Very kind of you to mention.😊

  • Hi Lynne

    I can see someone else has already suggested magnesium so I'll just add in a post I did recently on it. While I talk about depression in this I also mention other great things it can do - it basically is an all over body relaxant which is why it is helpful with restless leg as it relaxes the muscles.

    You can also get a magnesium spray which you apply directly to the legs as well - great for absorption.

    Best of luck.


  • Thank you Dave, Very helpful 🙂

  • Did the programme on the. TV help?

  • I am going to watch it on catch up on my iPad. I had to work therefore sadly I couldn't watch it live.

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