Day 2 summary - better eating, less activity

30.03.2017 Wednesday - Day 2

I feel very weak today, probably due to the low blood pressure and/or atmospheric pressure changes. Moreover, I was all day hungry, so I ate a little too much. Nevertheless, I think I managed to keep it quite healthy, I decreased percentage of fat and increased proteins. I ate much more fiber (14 vs 33 grams) and protein (40 vs 71 grams).


Total calories: 1,811

(in total slightly too many kcal)

(20% breakfast; 12% lunch; 17% dinner; 51% snacks)

(45% carbohydrates; 38% fat; 17% protein)

- breakfast: porridge oats with milled flaxseed, Greek natural yoghurt, blackberries & strawberries (from frozen); calcium & magnestium tabs, Jointcare Max tabs, earl grey with lemon and honey

- mid-morning snack: 1 sandwich (white Giraffe bread slice with butter and camembert), 1 pear, 2 kiwis, 1 piece of chocolate (Montezuma absolute black 100% cocoa)

- lunch: homemade mushroom soup with coocked carrot, leek, parsley root

- dinner: can of tuna, half of olive bread roll with butter, 1 slice of edam cheese, and slices of cucumber

- snacks: 1 sandwich (white Giraffe bread slice with peanut butter), apple, tangerine, few brasil nuts and pecans, another piece of chocolate


-2 pieces of chocolate (Montezuma absolute black 100% cocoa)

5 a day: 4.5 (I think this few slices of cucumber during dinner was not enough to count as 1)

Activity: 40 min (120kcal burnt according to MyFitnessPal)

- walking with my dog (2.75km)

My goal for tomorrow is improve activity, so let’s hope I’ll feel better than today and I’ll go running.


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8 Replies

  • I think if you ate more vegetables with your main meals, Iga, you'd feel fuller and less likely to top up with carbohydrates. The majority of your 5-a-day is coming from fruit, which also has a higher sugar content.

    There's very little protein, either, which needs to be addressed, although you don't need masses.

    I don't know what your calorie allowance is, but 1800 doesn't seem excessive and swapping bread, especially white bread, for some leafy greens and quinoa, would, I'm sure, give you more energy.

    You're doing a grand job, keep up the good work :)

  • Normally, I'm eating better lunches, but I cooked a big pot of mushroom soup and there is nobody else to eat it, but me. When it's finished it'll be cod or salmon with veggies :)

    My calorie allowance is 1,631.

    Tomorrow, I'm going shopping and I'll buy more veggies to switch snacks from fruits to veggies. I'd go for celery stalks, cucumber or carrot sticks with hummus, or celery talks with peanut butter. Maybe I'll try Greek salad with feta cheese.

    Any other tasty, a little sweet suggestions?

    I have problem with swapping a white bread, as I don't like the taste of the wholegrain one, but I love sandwiches. I'll try to at least partially change them for veggies / salads.

  • Have you got a freezer? I bulk cook, but freeze in individual portions, which makes life a lot easier.

    Do you eat cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, cauliflower, courgette, aubergine?

    I don't snack and I don't eat anything sweet, I'm afraid.

    I would also suggest that you don't reduce your fat intake any more than you already have, because we need fat to be able to absorb some vitamins and they help to satiate us.

    I'm liking the sound of the Greek salad, with feta cheese! Yum yum! :)

    Do you not eat meat?

  • I have a freezer, but not much space in it. I have there frozen cauliflower, broccoli, stir fry veggies, fishes, chicken breast and minced meat ;) Moreover, I have troubles what to freeze and what I shouldn't (like anything with watery veggies, like cucumber, radishes, or bell peppers, as they are awful after defrosting; or anything with cream/Greek yoghurt).

    I do eat meat, mostly chicken breast and minced meat. I also do eat all or most of veggies that you've listed.

    I'm not trying to reduce fat, as I know about good fat :) that I can find in olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, fishes.

  • I freeze all my soups, mushroom soup, I leave out the cream, until I defrost it for eating, then add a drop of cream.

    Cucumber, radish, I don't cook, so have no reason to freeze and I roast and freeze peppers, with no problem whatsoever :)

    Well done with the fat :)

  • I like the thoroughness that you've applied here IgaT. Without that, its easy to forget or not even notice what we've consumed.

    When I first started, I noticed that my daily consumption of butter was taking large bites out of my daily calorie allowance (pun intended). I tried losing it from my scrambled egg on toast. It was ok not having it on the toast but horrible not to have some mixed in with the egg... at least I tried. I've since removed butter from all sandwiches and find them just as tasty if not more so.

    Just a thought.

  • Thanks Tiggerr. It won't be (probably) so thorough when I'll go back to work. I want to track my food really good in first few weeks (1 or 2, at least), to spot where I can improve the most.

    Do you eat your sandwiches totally without butter or you swap it with something like hummus?

  • If I have a sandwich then there's normally quite a lot of salad on it and that tends to be enough. I do sometimes put salad cream as well but its about 1/3 the calories of butter, methinks!

    Btw, don't forget to eat food you enjoy as I believe that its difficult to keep going if you're not content.

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