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Day 2 over and successful!

Thank you everybody for your ideas and useful tips. Reading through them all has made me realise 2 things today. I need distractions for when I want to snack or junk food and I need more ideas on healthy eating and what snacks I can eat that are healthy. Any ideas for healthy snacks would help. Can you guide me in the right direction. At the moment I snack on bowls of weetabix with skimmed milk. I also have a few different health problems but I am not sure if I should put them in as I don`t want to seem as if I am telling a tale of woe me!!

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Have a look at the recipes, meals, snacks Topic and also the Welcome Newbie thread has a lot of snack ideas.

I don't really snack, but a handful of raw nuts, vegetable crudites, celery with nut butter, a little cheese, will always hit the spot and fill you up, if you're hungry :)


Hi well you are on a roll now day 2 done successfully are you finding it any easier?

I am awful for wanting to snack but it doesn't hit me till about 7pm so now I

Come on here for inspiration.

Drink some water or a nice cuppa tea.

Have a small portion of nuts.

Eat frozen lollies 44 calories each.

Put 20 grapes in bags and freeze them 60 calories the lot.

Any type of fruit or veg sticks sometimes a little homous to dip them in.

I also found some sugar free sweets in Aldi that are 9 calories each.

Celery or banana aid sleep near to bedtime.

Just a few things that help me to stop the snacking too much. I also do craft work so that helps keep my mind off food as I think it's when I sit and watch TV I just think of eating more.

Good luck for day 3👍


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