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The past few weeks friends and family have commented on my weight gain and I know they probably just trying to help but its making me feel more self conscious I don't know what say or do. It just makes me want to stuff my face 😞 since Xmas I've gained 9 pounds and I keep fallen off the wagon so I keep losing a few pounds only for them to reappear. How can I over overcome this to stop feeling so sad and embarrassed every time its mentioned? I know the answer is try harder but some days get the better of me 😒


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  • My answer has always been:

    "I bought it, cooked it, ate it.. enjoyed it.. now I'm wearing it. When I loose will you let me know!!"

    Said with a big smile!!

    Sometimes humour diffuses the comments and it ends on a positive!!

  • I suggest you tell them what you've told us, that whilst you know that their comments are well meant, they have an adverse effect on you and hinder your weight loss progress.

    I realise that's easier said than done, but, as far as I'm concerned, obesity is an illness and nobody tells a cancer sufferer to try harder!

    How about throwing yourself into it, with both feet. Join a weigh-in, join a challenge, or two, get really active on the forum, which means following other people's progress and see if that helps to keep you on the straight and narrow? :)

    You can do this and we can help :)

  • Thank you so much your reply has really helped. I will join a weigh in and some challenges I think this is the encouragement I need! How do I join the weigh in?

  • I'm waiting for you right now! The link can be found in Events, to the right of the "Home" page, if using a computer/tablet, or at the bottom if using a mobile :)

  • Sorry I'm a bit confused about how to join the weigh in.

  • Click on "Home" at the top of your screen

    Look to the right of the page and just under the Pinned Posts, you'll see Events.

    Click on the title of the weigh-in

    That will take you directly to the weigh-in thread, where you can introduce yourself, state your starting weight and any goals that you have.

    If you're using a mobile, Events will be found at the bottom of your screen.

  • I see it now thanks πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

  • Just pick which day of the week suits you best, and look for the Weigh In post which you will see for that day. There will be some helpful information there on what to do, and off you go. Any questions once you are there, just ask away. πŸ™‚

  • Thank you for your help 😊

  • Good morning hdarcy 😊 I hope you feel better this morning. Everyone has ups and downs and falls off the wagon but repeatedly climbing back on as you have is what makes us successful 😊 Remember, we are always here for you to come on and talk, tell us about your day and just offload.

    Very best wishes


  • Thank you so much after sharing last night I feel so much better about it today and feel determined to get back on with loosing weight 😊

  • That's excellent news 😊 Well done on turning things around

  • Mindfulness look into it having a positive mindset does help. Loving yourself is so important. Say that they are not perfect pick up on their imperfection see how they like it. The other way is to not let them see that they are getting to you when they start smile and say that you are happy just don't let them get to you love your self

  • It's really hard. Others have already told you to join weigh ins and groups. This helps. I'm really trying. I'm on week 4, but week 3 (and 4) I'm on holiday back at "home" and staying with my in-laws and my sons bday (so I lost it over the weekend). It really gets to me when other WOMEN (it's always women) ask me...oh! You're pregnant?? NO!! I haven't lost the baby fat yet after 3 yrs. It really gets me down. But it also pushes me to carry on trying. I feel a bit stuck at the moment, but soon I will be back home and back on track! Big hug and go for it!!!

  • It must hurt when family comment about your weight. But now that's happened, try now to see that in a more positive light.... after all, it got you to come on here, get support and to now tackle those extra pounds. I'm sure they said things out of love, not to be mean.

    In hindsight I actually wish my family had told me straight away that I was putting on weight , but they "didn't like to say" . So I just kidded myself , carried on snacking and put on 2 stone! Eventually I saw the light and tackled it ....successfully.... and so can you, well done for taking this first step . 😊

  • Yeah my family haven't mentioned it in a mean way I think its just hard to hear when you know its true. I think your right and they probably do mean well I just need to take it on board and try hard to stick to a healthy eating plan.

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