Alreet all! So after doing so well and being very positive with my anxiety / exercise and eating............I have hit a blip! Had a really rubbish day.....eaten very badly and feeling down! .......but I wont let it ruin what I have done so far! Trying to keep positive in saying this lol............I will wipe the slate clean and start a fresh tomoz! Am heading to gym after work and have just prepared a healthy chicken salad and fruit salad for lunch tomoz!


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6 Replies

  • Well done for moving on, AnnieMary! The past is past and not worth fretting about. Every day is a chance for a fresh new beginning and full of hope and possibilities :)

    Enjoy your chicken, fruit salad and gym tomorrow :)

  • Thanks I feel quite yucky aft eating bad today, bloated and blurgh! My chick / fruit wont make me feel that tomoz lol xx

  • You are truly right moreless. My new motto starting today.

  • Well done you for being prepared for tomorrow. Today is done, move on:)

  • Well done for posting and well done for putting a line through it and working out how to move forward.

  • Sounds like a good self talking too. Well done.. it's just one day out of a lifetime..

    Enjoy your better choices tomorrow 🎉

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