DEXA Scan (Visceral Fat) - BRILLIANT

DEXA Scan (Visceral Fat) - BRILLIANT

Hubbie and I went for our DEXA scan today with BodyScan UK. It was a really interesting and useful experience!

They also look at bone density, and apparently my bones are very dense (good news as I am a 54 year old female! - especially my skull apparently, which gave the highest reading in terms of density that the scan operator had ever seen! Don't know whether that is good or bad :)

Anyhow, no surprises in that I need to work on reducing my fat (shown in orange on the attached image). But my muscle percentage is good!

Hubbie has to work on building his muscle mass (percentage wise, he was off the low end of the scale) and also has to work on reducing his visceral fat, especially around the abdomen (same as me).

We will both be increasing our exercise levels (he doesn't really do any exercise...) and continue to be careful with the foods we eat. We were advised "high protein, high "healthy" fats" and low carbohydrate - which is what I have moved towards since last October).

In case anyone is interested, this is the website:

We have booked to have another in 12 months time so that (hopefully) we can track out progress!

In case anyone is wondering about the unusual skeleton / body shape, I am Thalidomide impaired..... :-)


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21 Replies

  • Interesting stuff Pineapple.

    So if the orange in the first pic is the fat to lose, then I'm guessing that what is left on that pic (orange part removed) is what the future you is going to be!?

  • Now that would be nice..... :) However, I think us women folk are designed to have a little layer of blubber around us. I'd be happy to see the "rolls" disappear! My skin currently hides the Michelin man living beneath!

  • Just puppy fat!!!!😊

  • Hi 👋 Tiggerr, I don't think that I would fit in the scanner machine 😉One day, A good steady day. Hope you have had a good day.

  • My day would take a while to describe but yes its been good and interesting. Additionally, I've had so much free food, cakes, buns, biscuits, meringues thrown at me, I'm not sure how I survived. I was doing electrical work in a commercial kitchen where I'm allowed to help my self and the smells were intoxicating, especially the baked goods. Not a morsel passed my lips except that which I'd stuck in my lunchbox.

    Later I had to go and work for some farmers and their mother provided us with loads of fresh baked and bought goodies which I had to decline (I came close to having a slice of Victoria sponge and then trying to calculate the calories later, but didn't).

    I think the great gold star giver in the sky owes me one :)

  • I agree ☝️ what a hero, I think that I would have crashed big time!!! Maybe you absorbed some through your skin!!! You will be rewarded with the weight loss for sure. ⭐️

  • lol... if its possible to absorb by sniffing then definitely :)

  • Bloomin' 'eck, you've been well and truly tested for your resolve!

    Well done! The thing is with these "goodies" once you start, it's hard to stop - so it's sometimes better not to start in the first place. That's how I am with biscuits in meetings... I love sitting there and watching the plate being slowly emptied by others and totting up the calories they've consumed!

    After the scan today (1.45pm) we went for late lunch, as we'd not eaten beforehand (you can't eat 4 hours before the scan). A nice Italian restaurant. I had once slice of hubbies garlic bread starter (I didn't order one). Main course was a chicken escalope Milanese (in breadcrumbs) with mashed potato. THEN I did have dessert (chocolate brownie with a salted caramel ice cream) and a coffee.

    That was all I ate today apart from my "tea" tonight which was 4 crackers with some cheese and half a pear.

    I can imagine that in the trade you are in Tiggerr you get those sorts of food temptations often! Keep up the good work!

  • I like the idea of doing a biccy calorie count.

    I'm still too new to all this to break my routine. I'd be worried about having the kind of lunch you did and then be sensible later in the day. You're definitely more in control then I am.

    BTW... I wonder if Tigger216 knows why you tagged them :)

  • Whoops! Couldn't change it either!

  • Don't forget, I've been doing this for over 5 years now. Some bits get easier... every day still a challenge and I still learn new things. Like today, I learned that I really didn't need that dessert! Mind you, I did do some walking whilst in London as took my manual wheelchair, so Hubbie pushed whilst I marched along. Was wearing my Fitbit so earned myself over 500 exercise calories! 😇

  • You are a real inspiration Pineapple27

  • Sounds like that gold star is definitely yours Tiggerr well done!

  • This is so interesting, Pineapple, I've been looking forward to your update! Thanks so much for sharing!

    It's good news to know that you're heading in the right direction with your diet and adding exercise is going to help with the rest. I'm heartened to know that my diet is spot on too! What a relief to have your beliefs confirmed!

    I shall now toddle off to the website to learn even more! :)

    Keep up the great work and I hope you'll still be with us in 12 months time, so that we can hear about your further successes :)

  • You look fine to me 🍍Sounds like you had fun to. Which makes for a good day out. Well done Hubby for joining you. Enjoy your evening 🍍George

  • Thank you for sharing pineapple, I think you are very brave. I dread to think what mine would look like! Nice to be able to confirm that what you are doing is right though. Well done you:)

  • What an interesting read, Pineapple. My daughter have had a couple of dexa scans done because she was ill when she was younger. I never thought of it as a way to have your muscle mass and fat percentages measured very accurately, but of course it can do that too.

    I'm glad to hear that you (and soon your hubby too) are on the right track.

  • This is really interesting Pineapple27 😊 Thank you for sharing, and I'm also off to check out the website

  • Thanks @Pineapple27 that's really interesting. I fancy getting it done. I will check out the link. :). Not sure why your name hasn't gone blue, I hope you read this.

  • Yep, read it thanks!

  • What an interesting experience Pineapple27. Also interesting that they advised the exact diet that you have found works for you.

    Thank you for sharing.

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