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Hi everyone, well into my 2nd week of my new eating regime approx 1200-1400 cals I feel better than i did surviving on less. I did my second park run 5k 48mins knocked 3 mins off first run yippee!! it's hard but i'm sticking at it, also cut gym down to 5 days i've not been weighed or measured myself i'll do that in 2 weeks time but i do feel good, at 65kg i would love to lose another 5kg but i have stopped getting obsessed over it. I have just entered Race for Life 5k in June something to aim for and in a good cause.All the best everyone just take each day one at a time.

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This is a lovely positive post, kbed, good for you! :)

I would just be careful with your intake and make 1400 your minimum, especially as you're still exercising a lot :)

I wish I could run with you, our times just about match. Good luck with the Race for Life, I've been considering doing it myself :)


I do have a fit bit & normally average 12000 daily for 6 days, but last week I was unwell so did not go to gym or do park run, I thought today I felt fine went to do park run & only managed first lap legs were like jelly, I hated myself for giving in feeling very down & sorry for myself, I know I shouldn't as there are people struggling more than me just feeling yuk !!!


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