A long journey towards healthy weight - ninth week review 18/03/2017-25/03/2017

Hello my friend,

Hope you survived Monday. It's good to be back here on the forum. I was off for a week. Got back on calories counting and meal planning last Sunday and lost the weight I put on in the previous week. At the moment, I'm still 57.6kg.

Life's not been easy for me for the last few weeks. Well, life is never easy you might say, and we all know life does get in the way, when we talk about our weight loss journey. I haven't been well, I didn't mention much in my previous posts, guess I didn't want to sound like I'm making excuses if I didn't have any weight loss. I had bad throat infection before and after my holiday, took antibiotic and got some terrible rash. I assumed it was just allergic reaction, went to see GP and everything, but things got worse, I had to see a dermatologist, and it turned out to be psoriasis.

It was about a week ago, I had a bad mole removed from my shoulder as well so couldn't do much exercise (I like gardening). I was a bit upset at first, I mean, no one in my family had this condition before. Why me? I guess by now I more or less have accepted it, just have to get on with it. The potent steroid leaf some discoloured and thinner skin already. I'm on the waiting list for ultra-violet treatment. Despite all that, I'm fine.

Life goes on. Before you get completely bored with my story, here are something positive. I'm on week 10:), and I'm getting closer to losing 1 stone I guess (if my conversion from kilos to stone is right), my start weight was 61.6kg, I'm now 57.6kg. Week 10's theme is about tackling comfort eating, an area of much interest to me. To share a few of my own non food fixes when we feel low, tired and need a comfort.

* a hot shower (not particularly good for my skin I know, but you don't have to it every day)

* a warm cup of tea with a hot water bottle, while reading a good novel (my kind's of escape)

* sleep, sometimes the best is to go to bed early, no matter how much you still have to do (not setting a good example now I know:)

* tears, I cry at home, let it out makes me feel good, no one is going to judge me, I cry, have a shower, then go to bed, tomorrow is another day.

So even you're not week 10 yet, check it for some good fixes for comfort (instead of comfort eating). If you have other fixes, I'd love to hear:)

Have a good week!



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11 Replies

  • Hello Jane, that's a real rough ride you're going through and hope things improve. Despite everything, you've managed to gather yourself and lose weight. That's very strong of you.

    As for my comfort go-to... its this site. Not necessarily a comfort but I find that reading people's posts and posting replies helps distract me, plus I'm learning all the time.

    Keep going as you're doing well and only one more kilo for a badge :)

  • Thanks:) I am also a fan of this forum, a bit addicted, have to consciously not check it during the day, so I get time to get things done. The kindness from people like you is comfort itself:)

  • Welcome back, Jane :)

    I'm sorry that you've been having such a tough time recently and really hope that things start to improve for you soon :)

    I find that going for a run, or a walk, helps to clear my mind and stops me from diving head first into the biscuit barrel! Of course, I'm addicted to this forum and its members too, so the more time I spend here, the less time I spend eating ;)

    Chin up, my friend, as the song says, things can only get better :)

  • Love it! thank dear:) exactly what I need,

    I had a bag of crisps today, but only consumed about 1300 calories (had to cut back from yesterday's over 1700kcal!) Had mostly healthy and tasty meals, trouble with me is I'm fed up with celery sticks and hummus, or boiled eggs, at the moment. And I'm more a snacker for savoury, or meaty snack, when that's not available, I go for my husband's crisps.

    it's been a long day, now have some candles, incense on and browsing this forum, this is how I relax...

    Did I mention my sweet boy is a hugger, don't get me wrong, sometimes it's really hard with a 3 years old, but his hugs remind me keep trying to be a better, stronger person ever day:)

  • Hello Jane, I'm sorry you have been having such a rough time lately. Despite all this you are doing really well with your weight loss. Psoriasis is not a nice thing to have to deal with but the ultra-violet treatment will help. My son has had psoriasis for many years and he has to go annually for light treatment. I hope as yours is so new and fresh that the treatment will work wonders and it will all disappear. Good luck.

    My comfort is my garden at the moment, I like to get out there as often as possible, not only does it keep me busy, it also 'heels' the mind.

  • Your garden sounds lovely. I also enjoy gardening, my kind of workout, hopefully the weather will get warm soon.

    If you don' mind me ask, does your son find aging of skin quite obvious with light treatment? my skin is much thinner after using the potent steroid I was given, feel like a person in her 30s but with 60 years old skin, a bit scared

  • will PM you Jane.

  • Hi Jane, well done for loosing that weight, I bet you feel so much better for it. I too have psoriasis, but recently its all cleared up, mainly was in my scalp which is hard to reach!!! So hopefully it may eventually clear up. I do Slimming World so keep low fat/sugar snacks just in case I have a craving and this helps me, I still buy kids junk snacks though lol, but I don't touch them as I'm determined to loose my weight this year and am so disciplined and motivated. Good luck though :)

  • Hi Anita44, it's good yours all cleared up. But I read it can't cued, but can be managed. What treatment did you use? I have it on my body, so the thinning effect of steroid cream is quite obvious. I have friends going to slimming world, one has lost 1 stone in about 3 months time, hopefully I will lose 1 stone by the end of April!

  • Hi Jane, sorry didn't reply earlier as I couldn't get back in as forgot my password. I use Betnovate ointment, which helped me and I know its not curable but can be managed, its hard to put in scalp but I found it helped me more so than the scalp solutions!!! Try getting your doctor to prescibe it, its worth a try if it helps you too :), let me know how you get on. x

  • Thanks, Anita!

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