Week Twelve of 52

Hi all, a day late on my weekly report. I forgot yesterday and was completely not prepared to stand on the scales. I have definitely put on weight over the last few weeks, I don't want to confirm how much for just right now. However I am back in control for the first day today. I am very pleased with myself, I have avoided chocolates in the office and I have stuck to the plan for the day.

I will weigh myself on Sunday (if I remember! I should do, with a successful week to add, I hope) and report the weight difference then.

I have a little motivation, which seems to be working, myself and a friend are going to join a speed dating event, I want to look my best by then, it is in June potentially, I like the idea of fitting into some small size 18 jeans by then, with perhaps a new top as a treat.

In summary: Very positive today, I think the weather helped and the walk and really looking after myself, taking time out and cooking a good meal. All the best. JP.


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8 Replies

  • Well done on gaining more control JacksonPollock 😊 We all have blips, but you have managed to turn things around which isn't easy.

    It sounds like you have really turned a corner, fingers crossed for Sunday 😊

  • Thanks very much, JP.

  • Hi. Sorry you have been having a hard time. By posting you are showing you are still motivated which is good. You can do this and I wish you luck. Everyone has ups and downs. Don't give up! 🤞

  • Okay, Thanks. JP.

  • I know what you mean- your downfall appears to be chocolate mine is crisps! I had lost weight when I weighed myself for the NHS 12 week diet yesterday but since my parents are visiting this week I bought 5 pack of crisps for when we go out walking and I've eaten them all last night - weighed myself this morning for the March Challenge and back up to 59kg (put on 2lb in 1 day!) not happy with myself at the moment. I was not even hungry at the time- they were just in the house so now I have to buy some more. I've put the diet on semi hold this week with my parents being down but still being careful what I eat but I do tend to eat more. Next week I plan to be back on track again and I just hope I won't put on too much weight.

    Good luck and hope when you get on the scales its not as bad as you think it will be

  • Thanks RG07, I have found with the going off plan - that the worse you are the harder it is to get back on track. So whatever good behaviour you can throw into the mix will help when going back to plan when your parents leave. That is what I think with the whole situation. Good luck. JP.

  • well done for being back on track. It can't be easy when you work somewhere and temptation is put in your way on a daily basis. Make sure you go in prepared with your own snacks. You can be in those jeans by June. Go and buy a pair and leave them hanging in your room to remind yourself on a daily basis what you want to achieve.

  • Already have a pair that I cannot quite fit into, in fact I wouldn't like to try right now! But they were purchased not long ago on the 'everything a fiver site' they seem like a decent pair - but they are smaller then the size 18s I am use to wearing - so a mission to get in them now! I will feel small when I do! Thanks. JP.

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