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Overview of my first week

so, I haven't pasted because uni has been hectic but I've tried keeping to my diet and doing exercises. Even went to the park on Saturday for a picnic! I think I'm having trouble with portion control and food to avoid, so any suggestions would be very welcome. Been eating lots of fruit and veg but then had pizza on Friday. Don't really know how you do a calorie count with a takeaway pizza, however, I only had two slices anyway, so can't be all bad. Was thinking about going out and buying one of those workout DVDs, any thoughts? Just weighed myself and I've gained two pounds, every day my weight is up and down. Help!

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Hello HopefulPostpartum 😊 Well done on achieving your first week on plan. That's the most difficult bit 😊

Regarding your weight, it's important to weigh yourself at the same time and place every week, and even then the numbers can be up and down.

Secondly, exercise alone will not help you lose weight, but from what I remember you are trying to tone not lose actual pounds? Try to focus on how you feel, how your clothes feel and how you lock in the mirror.

I hope this is helpful

Best wishes



no I am trying to lose pounds, I'm overweight for my height and age, my goal is to get back to where I was before I got pregnant because I hate the way I look in the mirror and it makes me feel horrible. But I have high hopes that after a couple of weeks, I'll start to get in to the swing of the nhs 12 week plan. Thank you for your advice though, I was starting to worry that my weight being up and down wasn't normal. 😊


Hello! I was wondering how you are getting on! As Anna61 has said, I'd avoid daily weigh ins, as there does tend to be fluctuations, but that must be confusing. Are you keeping a food diary? As you may have seen from my recent post, I didn't quite stick on the straight and narrow this weekend either...did you do anything nice for Mother's Day?


Hey 😊 I started a food diary the first day, but keep forgetting to stick to it! And then sometimes I struggle to work out the calories of the ingredients that I am cooking with. No, I haven't seen your post yet, but I will! Mothers day was good, Saturday we went to the park for a picnic to celebrate it with my mom and then on Sunday we went to my partners moms to celebrate it with her. How was it for you?!?


I know dominoes do a calorie count per slice but not all do- but basically the thinner the pizza base the better and avoid stuff crusts. If you know you are going to eat out then have soup which is relatively low in calories so you have more calories for your meal out. I plan my meals for a week and book in the occasional treats as part of my calorie allowance- though still have the occasional blip (like yesterday I ate 5 packs of crisps which I bought in anticipation of my parents visiting today for a week for our days out!) I use a calorie counter provided by the NHS 12 week weight loss plan and when cook a meal I like I work out the calories and then save the information so I don't have to look at the calories for each ingredient each time.


I didn't think to write down the calories that I'd worked out, awesome time saving idea 😊


Everywhere I have been or looked for takeaway pizza seem to do them per slice, most supermarkets I have bought either do them per slice or give u half calorie amounts. Most takeaway pizza companies I have looked give u the calorie amounts on their websites too so u might find the info on the website. Good luck.

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This is the link to the NHS calorie counter, I've looked up my favourite foods so I roughly know...

Thanks for posting your 1 week experience. I think it's all a learning curve... learning by doing. The main thing is you're here... have a good 2nd week.


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