Not a newbie, but seeking motivating advice

Not a newbie, but seeking motivating advice

Hi, I've just joined having weighed myself today for the first time in years and being shocked at the triple-digit Kg figure staring at me from above my toes. I've been moderately overweight before and got down to my target with WW (still got the badge!), but in line with many others I gradually put it back on and more. I used to play so much sport that counting cals wasn't necessary, but I'm now 52 and my older joints won't let me get anywhere the old levels of exertion. I've given up smoking for nearly 2 years now, but I do drink beer. Not a lot - typically 1 or 2 bottles, but most nights if not every night of the week.

So, a brief honest history for reflection and I'm now focussing on my target. I'd like to lose a fair few kilos very quickly and then develop good long term habits for longer term healthy weight levels. I am still pretty mobile for a big guy, but continually make excuses not to walk, run or join a club.

I'd be pleased to hear from anyone who recognises the above 'symptoms' and is kind enough to offer useful advice and personal history. I've been making excuses and avoiding the issue for too long, time to get a grip.

Oh, and good luck to everyone out there.



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15 Replies

  • Hi! I know the starting point can be scary. You have lost weight before and you can do it. Do you eat a lot of carbs? I have really cut down on these cutting out bread, pasta, potatoes, rice. I cook meals from scratch but simple stuff like chicken, fish , steak served with veg. It's dead easy and I am losing weight well. For me I find it was difficult to eat just a bit of stuff so by cutting it all out I am not tempted. It means I don't calorie count as I know I am eating less than I was. Still got a lot to lose but nearly 5 1/2 stone gone since September. You might wanna cut back on beer too! 🤞

  • Thanks Ella, a good friend of mine at work has also identified Carbs as a probable issue for me as I do eat a lot of bread: for breakfast (when I bother with it) and in my lunchbox, though I generally go brown rather than white. The empty carbs and cals in beer are also a pitfall, but the 8-O-Clock trigger sees me heading to the fridge, I so need to break that habit, but it's like an automatic reaction.... going to try sparkling water instead. Most evening meals come with rice, pasta or potatoes, so will have a go at what you suggest, though my dislike of so many veggies makes it tricky. I don't mind the taste so much, but the smell and texture of all the good ones makes me run and hide. Oddly I like so many more if they are served raw.

    I wish you well with your own plans and thank you for the post. Best wishes.

  • For me it came down to lose weight or eat the food I wanted. I realised that I can't do both.

  • Hi headblock, Have you tried stir frying your veggies, not for too long. That way you warm them through but they are lovely and crunchy and don't really smell either:) Make sure you don't have things in the house that you can't resist, including the beer. If it's not there you can't drink it.

    You've lost weight before, you can do it again and you will get lots of support from the forum. I'm sure an administrator will be along soon to welcome you to the forum and give you lots of useful advice. Good luck.

  • Hmmmmm? Sounds like that might be a good way to get some variety into my limited range of likes, thanks Lucigret, do you have a preferred website for recipes? I have used bottled sauces before for stir-fries, but relied on the veggies in the bottle, I'm guessing that such sauces (so sweet) are the work of the devil and should be avoided?

    I do have a box of beer in the kitchen, but am confident I can leave it alone as my issue is habit, not cravings, but there comes a time when the choice that Ella mentions above has to be made. - C'mon willpower, back me up here!

    Best wishes and good luck.

  • When I do stir fry veg I just choose any veg I fancy, so mushrooms, green beans, tiny sweetcorn on the cob, mange tout, carrot sticks, yellow and red pepper. You can add bamboo shoots and water chestnuts. Put it all in a big wok with a little oil on a fairly hot heat and just keep tossing and stirring, I sometimes just add some soy sauce before I serve. I'm not opposed to using a jar or sachet of sauce, I just count the calories, if you are cutting sugar out then yes I guess they may be the work of the devil. I don't actually cut anything out of my diet. If I say 'I'm never eating.... again' I just crave it, so I say 'I can have that if I want it' and generally I find that the desire for certain things has all but diminished. We are all different. If your looking for good cookery books, The Hairy Bikers are very good - especially their 'Fake aways'.

    Keep that will power going and I hope you enjoy your stir fry.

  • Ella, I'm sorry I didn't pick up on the 51/2 stone weight loss.

    YOU GO GIRL !!!


  • Hi headblock and welcome.

    Try downloading the NHS 12 week plan and give it a once over (you can find it on the right hand side of the screen from the Home page. Even if you decide not to follow it, there are plenty of tips on ways of managing the pitfalls of weight loss.

    Good luck!

  • I'm older (57) but very much like you. Did lots of sport when I was younger and was in good shape (1m85 and 83kg). Got married for a second time ten years ago. New wife is a fantastic cook. Gradually put on weight until, eight years later, it was the big three digits (102kg). Awful. Decided at the end of last November to get back to 83kg, and now I am almost there. I exercise a lot and am lucky that my joints are all working fine! Cutting down food and especially alcohol has been boring, but tolerable.

  • Hi Chris and thanks for adding to my required motivation, I think I'm going to like it here.I'm not sure how I'll get on with cutting out beer (long-time habit), but the work colleague I mentioned above and I have a night out planned for 27 April and he's challenged me not to drink any alcohol till then, with the exception of low-carb spirits (no mixers) during a one-week holiday I have next week. Not drinking at home I think I can manage and I like the challenge, but not drinking the wonderful range of beers available on the Norfolk Broads, will take real willpower. I'm 1m77 and when on WW got down to 73kg, which was at the top of my healthy BMI, but my body fat was very low as I'm naturally quite muscley, which probably isn't a word. If I can get to 80 or below I'll be delighted. As for sport, I'm planning on starting on my bike with a turbo-trainer, some body-weight strength exercises and a weekly 1-mile or 1 hr swim whichever is longer. Once a bit lighter and fitter I'm planning to resurrect my Badminton career and join a local club in addition to the bike, probably on the road by then. Do you think this sounds like a sensible way to get active again, given your success?

    Grateful for the advice and encouragement best of luck with the last few kgs.

  • Sounds really good! We've both been in good shape before, which I'm sure is an advantage.

  • Hi and well done on taking the first, and hardest step. Keeping a food diary and calorie counting absolutely everything is old advise but a goodie.

    It really helped me identify where I was going wrong and plan the changes I needed to make to get on the right track.

    If you not keen on veggies try adding them to curry or bolognase, low calorie ones of course, or whizzing them up with a blender to make soup.

    Grating or chopping up and eating raw in a salad is also lovely with the good weather coming. Use a low calorie dressing and it will really fill you up.

  • Wow, I'm going to lose so much weight as I'm spending so much time replying to all you kind folks that I don't have time to eat..... Is that the secret?

    Thanks for the advice LippySue, I'm using MyFitnessPal to track my intake as this gives a good breakdown of cals, carbs, protein, sodium etc, though my focus will be on carbs as sticking to 1500 cals for several weeks made no difference, as much of that intake was carb rich (read beer rich!). I'll try your bolognese and curry idea as this would suit my tastes, though am I to assume that any rice should be limited?

    Got some plans for salads already, with an idea for 'Crab-Apple' salad with crab meat and diced apple as the key ingredients - low cal and low carb, should be tasty too with a dash of Apple Cider vinegar.

    Thanks for your support, it is appreciated. Best wishes.

  • Yes the secret is to spend ages on here to keep your fingers busy! 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  • I'm a few days in trying to cut the carbs, no beer and sticking to meat and veg only on my dinner plate. I'm still snacking on fruit while at work and having a tin of tuna with a chopped tomato typically for lunch. Four or so coffees a day and a litre or so of water is typically what I'm doing each day.

    I'm not finding it overly difficult - sorry if you're one of those who is finding it tough - but my worry is that each day is registering less than 1000 cals intake, today is only 669 and I'm not at all hungry. Conventional wisdom says this is too little, but to add more at this time of night (8:30 pm) I'll need to go find a calorie rich snack, full of carbs, which isn't great to go to bed on.

    Does anyone have any wisdom on whether I might be doing harm, perhaps mis-counting in some way, or heading for a massive eating binge when my body realises it needs food and fast?

    For anyone out there perhaps jealous of my self-control and discipline. take heart...I'm not enjoying my meals in the least and I'm only a few days in, but it's a means to an end I suppose.

    All comments and advice gratefully received.

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