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First Half Stone thrilled in 4 weeks.


This is a fantastic site and the administrators are brilliant. I am grateful for all the members who have offered encouragement and tips.

My weigh in today is 10stone 5llbs I have lost half a stone and thrilled. I've a long way to go and weighing in is a real motivator. Reading everyone else's weight loss gives real hope. Thanks All.

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Fantastic news LittleLynne 😊 I'm going to swap your newbie badge for a 7lbs one.

Very well done 😊

Thank you so much. I've been following your tips re increasing calories. Last night I had extra fruit but still didn't gain weight do I'm just finding the level af calories I can eat to lose. Started at 900 to 1000 cals average. I'm heading up to 1200 now. Thanks for Th great advice.👗

Congrats, that's fab news!!

Well done 🎉🎉

😊 thank you

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