First Day!!!

First of all, thank you to every single person who replied to me. It has taken me this to to read them all and digest all the advice. So now this is it. I am scared, excited, hopeful, unsure, confused....I am everything all at once.

So here it is. My most personal information. I am 5ft 3inches and I weigh 15 stone 7.5 pounds right now!!!!

I am have started the programme with you all today and I have had 2 plain weetabix with a tablespoon of raisins and 250ml of UHT skimmed milk.

Writing it all down will be useful for me. My huge downfall is snacking. So looking for some support there. Also just general help from anyone.

I aim is to walk 30 mins a day which is do-able for me.

Day one, here I go!!


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12 Replies

  • Well done on taking that first step 😊 You can do this!

    Have you read the Welcone Newbies post and checked your bmi? It's important to eat enough and not get too hungry. 😕

    Very best wishes


  • I will look at this, anything helps. Thanks

  • Good luck ollio, just shout out when you need support. Make sure you have healthy snacks and get rid of the things you can't resist. I like to have 20g almonds or savoury rice cakes when I need a snack, which has become less often now.

  • Good morning Lucigret, hope you are feeling better today. What is your day ahead ☺ looking like? It's a Monday & a frosty one this morning. Enjoy your day. G

  • All the best for today. Getting day one behind you will give you the incentive to carry on for the rest of the week.

    I too started today & am hoping I can stick to a healthy eating day, easier said than done when your willpower has a habit of leaving you the moment I see calorific foods.

  • That's good.... I have a day one slimming buddy. Hopefully we can spur each other on.

  • rachied1969 i tend to go for won't power. I won't put it in my mouth if it is not beneficial to me. Obviously exactly the same thing but it suits my thinking better.

    Good luck

  • Woohoo! go you and well done on your first day👍

    You are already lighter than me when I started and off to a good start stay active on here and choose a weigh in day I know Monday's are full but you could log it on tomorrow or after if you wish.

    I am a big believer in the visual, I too write everything down that's why my diary is full of "did well today" "got to try better tomorrow" " found a new soup recipe and feeling positive today" I also have screen shot a few positive phrases on my IPad and yesterday my daughter found a picture on her phone of me last year on holiday with a "wow mum just look how much weight you have lost" I don't get many comments like that so it's now on my iPad to view in all its horrible glory when I feel wobbly lol.

    Writing down is positive put anything there new recipes, how you are doing, how you are feeling, comments people have made then as you progress you can reflect by reading how far you have no are going on your journey.

    Have an absolutely brilliant day because tomorrow you will be lighter!😊

  • Well done on starting your journey!

  • I started today as well! Best of luck to you :)

  • Great, you've started and have already got some proper actions in mind. Well done on your breakfast - I had a slice of brown bread, a little butter and a banana. For snacking tips, perhaps you can cut up some fruit or buy some dried fruit (watch the sugar) and store in small portions away from where the snack attack happens, then help yourself to no more than one at a time, so you have to make an active decision to get another one. It's all too easy to keep helping yourself from a large bowl/packet/box until it is empty. BTW, this is very much the kettle talking - my own journey has many hick-ups, but the theory is sound. :)

  • Good to hear you sounding positive ollio it is important to take small steps and feel in control rather then try to do everything all at once and feel it is too much for you.

    Keeping a food diary, in whatever form, is a good thing. If you know snacking is an issue consider which part of the day would it be better/easier to cut it out rather than go for no snacking at all, which may be the best option but might be unsustainable at this point.

    Good luck

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