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Hello everyone!

I cam on here more than a year ago now, following the NHS weight loss plan. I did so and managed to lose more than three stone and was at a perfect weight. However with life and mental attitudes getting in the way, my calorie counting become obsessive and the exercise I was doing was just cardio, all the time and all I could think about was my weight. After a change in circumstance, I have put about a stone to a stone and a half back on and am really struggling to lose it again. I don't think counting calories is the healthy choice for me and I do eat fairly healthy anyway. I exercise most days (cardio and weights) but after a few days the little motivation I had disappears and I just want to sit and eat cereal and toast. I would love to get back to the weight I was a few months ago, so I can fit into all my lovely new clothes and enjoy life again properly. What I'm asking is if anyone has any ideas re motivation/help to stop my weight and food getting in the way of my happiness? I have looked into a few of the healthier diet programs to see whether following them just for a week to lose the main bulk would help me see the light and keep going to the end result? Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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Welcome back han_ingham 😊

Maintaining a weight loss is often the most difficult, so I can sympathise. I have a long history of yoyo dieting too. This time I am eating proper food, and purposely not depriving myself in the hopes of keeping it off. 😊

With regards to suggestions for yourself, it depends what suits you and your way of life. I follow a portion counted plan rather than individual calories but I do keep a food diary that I absolutely need to do or I gain weight. 😕

I'm sure others will have other suggestions.

Have faith in yourself, you've lost weight before and will do again. It's all about mindset. 😊

Have a good look around as a few things have changed, but please ask if you have any questions 😊

Best wishes


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Thank so much. This place is such a lovely community!

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Hi Hannah,now you've rejoined, you can continue to try and find out why you have low motivation as you say you feel/think you have low motivation.You are not alone with this problem, I have suffered too,and it's complex, but overtime,sharing your thoughts will help you🍓,☕ G

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Hi Hannah

Just finished the 12 week plan and understand what you say. I have taken up cycling and exercise

for 15 mins a day. With cycling you can change the route every time .No gym fee and you can stop and have a chat with Friends or anyone. I started 5 miles a day, Doing 100miles a week.

But still have little treats and do a few extra miles the next day. Only Ride 5 days and have 2 Rest Day.

Kind Regards Phil62

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