How to cope when invited to all you can eat chinese buffet?

I've been invited to the chinese buffet in two weeks and need suggestions on the best types to choose from. Im thinking of the chicken or beef in blackbean sauce dishes but they also have loads of desserts.

Any help would be great. Only been doing the plan just over a week so quite new to the calorie counting.


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11 Replies

  • Morning Sarah46 now that is a hard question - personally I would try and save a few calories from each day and enjoy the day without worrying too much and just start strict the next day as at a chinese buffet you can't actually calorie count 100% due not knowing what additional ingredients they use (how much oil etc.)

    Hope you have a great time and can I come too?

  • Thanks I think thats a good idea

  • Saving up calories before and being strict after is a good plan. It is very hard to keep track of what you've eaten at a meal like this as the staff whip away the evidence as soon as your plate is empty - perhaps only go up to the buffet once per course or only every other time everyone else does.

    Maybe try to limit the amount of fried starters and sweet sticky sauces and rice. There are usually some vegetable only dishes which might fill you up without being too calorifically pricey.

    Perhaps focus on chatting and having fun with the people you are with rather than clearing your plate at speed.

    Finally, try to remember it is "all you should eat" rather than "all you can eat"!

    Have fun, and don't worry about it if you slip a bit - it's only one night.

  • Thanks for the reply and will try to limit myself a little. But save the calories up throughtout the week. Had to do that yesterday as went to brewers fayre luckily they have calories of their food on the website.

  • It's really great the way some restaurants are doing this - at least gives us a chance. A family favourite for us is Wagamamas and I have created a cribsheet off their website so I have my regular choices, but in addition if I fancy something else I can factor it in to my calculations. Have a great time.

  • Thanks havent heard of wagamamas.

  • - Japanese/Chinese Fusion very tasty and fresh.

  • I eat out a lot and it isn't really possible to calorie count as such at a Chinese buffet, but I always steer clear of anything in batter and also the fried seaweed. I am always conscious that one huge binge eat can undo a couple of week's hard work and for me that isn't worth it so my own self imposed rule is to avoid anything I know is obviously dripping in oodles of calories, go up for a maximum of two platefuls (not over-loaded with goodies) of savouries and only eat fruit for pud. I've never come away hungry yet.

    Whatever you do, have a great day out x

  • It's great that you're planning well in advance for this.

    This may be a bit extreme but you could have a healthy meal beforehand so you're not very hungry at the buffet. Just don't tell anyone it case they are a bit hurt by it :)

  • My tip would be to fill your plate only once. You don't have to go back for more. If you look out for what slim people do, it's just that. And they say, no thanks, I'm really full, and if you say that, no one will push you to eat more. Hope you enjoy! 😊

  • I was just going to say that! Buffets are really tricky and if you can stick to one visit to the food bar that would be fantastic 😊 I actually prefer boiled rice but apart from that I have just a little of all my favourites 😊

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