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Still on holiday

Hi all I was not able to weigh in on Friday as usual as I don't have access to a scale. Probably just as well because I don't want to know the bad news til I get home. I am still managing to take long walks most days in the Cyprus sunshine so not all bad, and hopefully this will help to mitigate the overeating and drinking. I do try to be good but I am on holiday after all -:) The clocks also went forward here today so I reset my phone and I-pad last night. Unfortunately those techie gremlins reset my appliances in the night too and the upshot is I have been awake since 5am -:). (I set the alarm so I could eat breakfast early so as not to spoil my appetite for a Mother's Day lunch). Have a great day all. Keep losing. EJ

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Have a great holiday NannyEJ 😊 See you next week 😊


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