Thursday Weigh-in

Didn't weigh in this week. My weight remained at 12st 11lbs. Have lost 11lbs since coming on the forum and 12lbs before that. However, since I reached 13st my weight loss has really slowed down so I went on the thyroid forum today. Have been given some good advice and intend following that. Want to lose more weight but one of my problems is tiredness which is a side effect of being hypo. Haven't had a test lately so am going for a test. My GP doesn't take my hypothyroidism seriously because as he says I'm only on 50cgm of Levothyroxine each day and according to him I'm only slightly under active and shouldn't be having any side effects. I will ask for a copy of my results this time as I'm usually just told they're fine.


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3 Replies

  • I'm glad you were able to get some good advice, Lea and hope that it helps you get things cracking :)

  • Thank you. I want to lose more weight and it's important to look carefully at anything that could be making that difficult.

  • I couldn't agree more!!

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