I am still confused

Hi Everyone,

I seem to be still confused over how many cals i can have a day. I am going to try the NHS12 week plan and my exercise is roughly 3 hours a week. on the nhs bmi i put my exercise as low as it can vary weekly. it is giving me a cal intake of 1765-2270 per day but MFP is giving me lower and my BMR is lower too. i want to lose weight steadily but i have no idea what i should stick to. is 1700 too high? thanks



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  • Hi. I don't know the answer but I wondered how tall are you, what's your weight and how active are you? I know those factors make a big difference so someone with more knowledge of calories than me would need to know that to help you I expect. Good luck 🤞

  • Hi Ellamidlands,

    Im 5ft 6 and 14st 4lbs. I am relatively active. Im a student at the moment so do sit alot. I walk my dogs for an hour most days and try get to gym once a week for 30/45mins. Starting next week i am going to try squeeze in a swim too.x

  • I put it in to an online calculator which says 1800 to lose a lb a week for those figures. My advise would be to try it, if you lose and it feels doable it is probsbly right. There are a lot of calorie counters in here who will know more than me.

    This is the one I used.


  • Use mfp to log your food, but ignore it for calories and then you won't get so confused.

    Stick with the NHS BMI calculator and eat as many calories as you can, while still losing weight. I would aim for 2000 to start with, as the beginning of your journey is when it's easiest to lose weight.

    Have a look at this, to see why it's so important to eat enough (sorry if you've already seen it)


    It takes a while to get the balance right, so stick with it for a while.

    It's easy to reduce your intake, but if you start too low, your body gets used to it and then it's difficult to increase again.

    Consider what you're eating, as well as how much you're eating. Don't think that because you have calories to play around with, that you can eat that doughnut/chocolate/icecream and everything will be OK. Small treats will be alright, if you have a good "off" switch, but the bulk of your calories should be from good wholesome food.

    We're all different and what works for one, won't necessarily work for someone else, so you have to find the right way for you.

    Good luck! :)

  • thank you :) x

  • I agree with moreless ignore MFP for calorie limits it is too low I did 1200 for a year and only lost 1/2 lb many times over. Working with the NHS BMI calculator at 1400 calories I have lost over 1 1/2 stone in 10 months 😀

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