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How low is low?


53yr old woman, lost nearly 1 1/2 stone, dropped alot of dress sizes. Everything is looking good BUT my horrid stomach is refusinf to move (34in) for along time. The gym trainer has me doing cardio one day, legs another, weights another, and do a couple of classes tone, pump, abs and bootcamp because I just enjoy them.

Using myfitnesspal have cut my carbs down to 60g carbs (20g porridge oats) no gluten, bread, cakes, pasta or rice. Carbs mainly from veg no spuds. Protein 150g ( meat, fish) doing weights protein is essential. Fat 40g comes from things like milk, hummous, today venison burger. No butter, use about 1tsp olive oil to coat a pan or tray.

Is this too low for carbs and fat? Or can anyone else reccommend anything?



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Wow you look like you are doing wonders!! I'm sure someone on here will help with the technical know-how!!

Have a great weekend 😊

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If you're wanting to go low carb, Wendy, then the recommended formula, is is 20:20:60

That's 20% carbs, 20% protein and 60% fat. therefore, if your calorie allowance is 1400 cals,

280 cals, carbs, 280 cals, protein and 840 cals fat

You cannot safely and healthily cut carbs and fat.

I hope this helps


This is one useful site for advice.


Changes in hormone levels as we age means that fat gets deposited in different places over time.


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