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Feeling inspired by the sunshine β˜€οΈ

Gemini64Restart Nov 2019
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After a very rollercoaster 🎒 week. I'm finally getting my act together (61 hours 😬).

I didn't want to be negative on here so I tend to wallow on my own πŸ˜•

I will most probably have a gain on Monday but at least I'm planing and more focused.

I have been beating myself up because I can't get 3 walk/runs in a week due to shifts and then being totally shattered when I get home, I'm getting old πŸ‘΅ πŸ˜‚.

I think the guilt is not making me feel good about myself so now my aim is to look at my food πŸ₯˜ for the week and plan. It's a first for me so on wards and upwards! 😊

Good luck to everyone on their personal journeys and have a lovely week end.

Marlow is looking good this morning so I will take my client for a lovely walk by the river. Obviously we will wrap up warm! β˜ƒοΈ


Jane xx

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Never wallow alone, Geminii, we're not fair weather friends here, we want to be able to support you through the downs, as well as the ups!

Beating yourself up, is counter-productive. It doesn't give you more hours in the day and it only serves to pile on the guilt and make you try to drown your emotions in food! Far better to say, "I will exercise, to the best of my ability, as and when I'm able", that way, you'll know that you're doing the best you can, with no need for recriminations.

Let me tell you, you're doing a fantastic job and should be feeling very proud of yourself! :)

Have a lovely walk in the sunshine and be kind to yourself :)

Gemini64Restart Nov 2019 in reply to moreless

That is so lovely, thank you. I'm very tearful at the moment but I think it's because I'm tired too!

I do go to bed quite early but too much on my mind at the moment. I will be kind to myself, I find it hard, but I know I have to. x😊

morelessAdministrator in reply to Gemini64

It's time to care as much for yourself, as you do for your clients and to treat yourself as well as you'd treat them, because you deserve it! :)

Gemini64Restart Nov 2019 in reply to moreless


Hidden in reply to Gemini64

If you think you feel to tired to go walking try to look at it from another angle. If you do force yourself to go on your walks your body should compensate by producing more energy for you if you manage to walk on a regular basis. When we exercise and use up energy our bodies realise that we are exhausting ourselves so our basic survival instinct kicks in and produces a greater amount of energy so that your body can handle what you have just put it through if you are to do it again. Usually when your brain tells you that you are to tired to do something it's actually telling you this when you still have up to 40% energy left, again this is your basic survival instinct kicking in so that you have energy reserved to keep you going. So if you can teach Yourself to get past these feelings of tiredness you should be able to go do your walks which will in turn make you feel more energetic and fitter.

Good luck to you.

Gemini64Restart Nov 2019 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for that. I didn't realise that but I will definitely try to do more 😊

Hidden in reply to Gemini64

Even if you walk for a short time to begin with then add minutes or distance on as you go, you also have to let your body adapt and get used to it so take it easy to begin with. After a while you should begin to feel fitter and more energetic.

EllaMidlands5 stone in reply to Gemini64

Look after yourself and be kind to you! Reward yourself with none food treats like a bubble bath, a new book, a slushy film on Netflix. You are not alone!!

Don't worry about needing support. We all do and I see this as the strength of the forum - there is always someone around to help and always someone new and always someone celebrating. Together we shrink together. Enjoy the sunshine!

Gemini64Restart Nov 2019 in reply to EllaMidlands

Thank you that's brilliant 😊

No wallowing allowed that is why you are supposed to share with your diet buddy :)

Every little change is good, so swap white for brown, full fat to low fat, semi skimmed to skimmed. In the end it will pay off

I have trust in you that you will do this.


Gemini64Restart Nov 2019 in reply to Janpes

Oh Jan

My very small niggles are so tiny to your terrible family troubles. πŸ˜•

It's hard to put my small troubles on here, but a big thank you for your support.

I will get better and have made the changes that you said except the milk. I'm on soya but not a great deal. Hope your rash is going down πŸ‘

Thanks diet buddy πŸ€—x

Hey Gemini, we're non-judgmental on here so apply to yourself and don't judge yourself and find yourself guilty! being tired after work is permissable... whether it's physical tiredess or emotional tiredness. I have to force myself out swimming some nights and I always feel better when I do...and then my tiredness feels more acceptable lol

Gemini64Restart Nov 2019 in reply to MotherPip

Thank you for your support. I will try harder to push myself x

AnnTandy1 stone

Also, remember that exercise plays a much lesser part in actual weight loss than food, so although you might feel better afterwards if you did force yourself to exercise you may be better to be kinder to yourself - certainly don't beat yourself up if you can't face going out three times a week! Even if you do gain on Monday it won't be the end of the world, just a tiny blip in the road that you'll have forgotten about in a few weeks when the sun's shining, the birds are singing, and you're out and about again...

Gemini64Restart Nov 2019 in reply to AnnTandy

So true. Not dreading Monday so much now. Will just weigh in and move on 😊😬

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